Global Cargo Jamaica Shipping Ltd.

Standard Rates


Barrels (up to 14cf., maximum 5 barrels)

1st Barrel $50.00 ea.
Each additional barrel $25.00 ea.

(over 5 barrels please use rate charge)


“D” containers $160.00 ea.
“DE” Boxes (36”x36”x36”) $80.00 ea.
“E” Boxes $?

For non standard packages, you may check our rate calculation page to get an estimate of the cost to ship the package to Jamaica. Click here to calculate rates now.

For information on packaging/shrink wrapping or GCT, please call or contact us via email.

Please insure ALL goods. Global Cargo Jamaica Shipping Ltd. will not be liable for any goods shipped without insurance coverage. Please contact us for insurance quotations.

Contact Global Cargo Jamaica Shipping Ltd. via email at : (Miami) or (305) 888-6337 (Ft. Lauderdale) or (954) 485-5112 (Jamaica Office) or (876) 922-5924