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Wednesday, 2002/01/30 09:58:08 PM - [Link Back]
Lord of the RingsWHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!! Action, action, action! Lord of the Rings was "off the hook"! Natty and I really enjoyed it. Natty says she thinks the bad guy leutenant (the half breed goblin - mutant ninja thing that led the army) bears a striking resemblance to Mike Tyson, what do all y'all think? Anyway, to those of you who haven't seen it, I'd definitely recommend that you do. We loved it!
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Tuesday, 2002/01/29 04:28:49 PM - [Link Back]
You know, I had to search for a document in that pile of garbage that is my desk, and so took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning and to try to impart a brilliant system designed to keep the clutter away forever - guess what it is? File folders, cabinets, etc. What else? Anyway, while going through the detritus accumulated over the years (at least it seems that way), I found many many little scraps of paper with phone numbers, contact information, notes to myself and other little bits of information, and it occurred to me that much of my life is scattered all over my desk on these little notes. If someone were investigating me, all they'd need is access to the papers on my desk (and, I guess, to this weblog). There is not much they'd not be privy to. Yes sir, as with many people, the facts are hidden there in plain sight, on paper lying around in various offices. No wonder those scoundrels connected with Enron were shredding everything they could lay their hands on.... Wait a minute... What a segue... Damn, I'm good.

Y'all heard about Enron, right? That l'il company thats been in the news so much recently. And I'm sure you've heard about all the shenanigans that have been going on there, nuh true? (Right?) Why do I ask? Well, as far as I can tell, Enron was in the "energy broker" business. They bought and sold energy, apparently. They were the biggest player in that market, and as far as I can see, they were in bed with everybody. They weren't the only player in that market however. From what I hear, (now don't quote me, I may well have misheard or misunderstood what I heard) the second biggest fish in that market was Mirant Corporation. Mirant Corporation recently bought out the Jamaican power company. Yessir, the Jamaican Government had so mismanaged the economy that they had to be selling out everything of value we had. They basically reduced Jamaica to the level of a crack whore, having to sell off everything of value she owned to buy that which she needs so desperately.

But I digress. Mirant Corporation bought the Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. back in March last year. Back then, their share prices were relatively high. Back in November of 2001, their share prices were going for $28.90 per share. Today, the low was $8.00+. At three o'clock, the share prices prevailing were $9.64. What has caused this drop in share prices? Why, the shenanigans at Enron, of course. Because of the Enron fiasco, the market is leery of anything to do with that industry. I don't think any firm in that field is getting good ratings from the likes of Standard and Poor, and so people are scrambling over themselves to let go of a good stock for little and nothing. I'd say that this would be a good time for a shrewd player to make his move. Get in while prices are low and sell later when they rise, (as I believe they inevitably will).

I guess that Mirant may have to sell off some of their holdings to get through this period, but I believe they will get through it. I just wonder who'll be the shrewd player who'll make millions when the stock price rises... I guess I'll just have to wait and see. By the way, I'm in the market for a loan myself. I'm going to try to borrow about J$300,000,000. Maybe I'll soon be "changing Jamaican lives with my energy"...
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Sunday, 2002/01/27 02:57:22 PM - [Link Back]
Tis the season of awards giving, and the realm of Blogginess is no exception. You can go and vote for various blogs in a variety of categories at the Bloggies. One that I liked particularly was in the best new blog category : Ain't Too Proud to Blog Go have a look-see.

Its been a relatively quiet weekend. I played cards and hung out on Friday and Saturday. Yup, it was Kaluki again. On Friday, I did rather poorly. On Saturday, I was doing pretty well, but MB. Jr. woke up, and I gave someone else my cards to finish up for me.. Wouldn't you know it. The one time recently that I was doing well at Kaluki, and MB. Jr. woke up. Anyway, c'est la vie...

Highlights of the week:

  • MB. Jr. went to pre-school for the first time on Thursday. He loved it.
  • Put in some good work on a little project near and dear to my heart, tell you all about it soon

I'm going to cut out now, see you later...
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Saturday, 2002/01/26 08:38:28 AM - [Link Back]
Congrats, J-Lo!I've done a little scouting through my site's logs and noticed a lot of hits coming from the "Top 5 Jamaican Websites" website. I thought this unusual, because I usually only get a few hits from that website. I surfed on over to see what was going on and noticed that the site has a balloting exercise going on for its visitors to select the top 5 Jamaican websites overall, from all the various categories of websites...

This is your chance guys... Surf on over there and vote for this site! Also, please vote for four others, sites you consider to be runners up to my Blog. I think its a great idea for us to select the top five. When the webmasters of the sites which weren't selected see the results, there'll be a mad scramble to update them with new designs and richer content, and ultimately, all surfers of the web stand to benefit. (sotto voche: also, my hits stand to increase over the period, and that is also a great idea!)

Saw where J-Lo has been selected as the sexiest woman in Entertainment, with Halle Berry second... Let me register my approval with the selections here at my blog... Congrats to you both, just in case you happen to surf by. What? Why are you laughing? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? It could happen! It could!
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Monday, 2002/01/23 08:15:30 PM - [Link Back]
mmmmmm Mariah...Mike Tyson should be banned from boxing forever... but lets wait until after the fight with Lennox Lewis. I'm hoping that Lennox pulverises him and smashes him to smithereens!Yeeeaahh!! Why am I so against "Asshole Mike"? The man is a wild animal! Its a pity he wasn't beaten to a pulp by the Cuban Authorities when he attacked the journalists in Cuba. Then look at how he attacked Lewis in the press conference. He's out of control! Hes not fit to be out and about in public.Its even been said that he's going to be facing rape charges again.. I really hope that Lennox "shoob him fist through Tyson head" (that he knocks his block off). Then they can ban him from boxing, and try him for this new rape that I heard about, and if he's found guilty, they should lock up his ass and throw away the key!

So, Virgin was lying earlier when they claimed they weren't dropping Mariah. Well, I hope she pulls herself back together and goes on to be even more successful musically than she was in the past, and in so doing, makes them feel like shit because of the millions they could've made if they hadn't released her from the contract. Some will say its just business, but I think its poor form for them to drop her like that just after her breakdown.

Apparently it is Earthquake Awareness Week. Earthquakes are a big thing in Jamaica. An earthquake sunk half of the city of Port Royal here in 1692, when it was said to be the "most wicked city in the world". It is said that many then felt that God sent the earthquake to destroy Port Royal because of it's wickedness. Boy, what with all the drugs, prostitution, and murder going on in Kingston now, it could arguably be said to be the new "most wicked city in the world", and it has already suffered a big earthquake... Lets all hope that we don't get another one as retribution.
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Monday, 2002/01/23 06:04:32 AM - [Link Back]
I miss my coffee. Its aroma stays on my mind...No coffee in the house this morning... I hate that shit, don't you? I was too tired to post last night. I watched the movie Shrek at last (its been here on video a long time now). It was interesting. Its a familiar story, but with a twist or two that make it intersting. The graphics and the animation are excellent, and as they said on Jay Leno or one of those other night time programs, Eddie Murphy really knows how to play the ass. I've decided to answer some more questions so that y'all can get to know me better...

What was your first job?
It was with a large firm, in their Customer Service Division. I was a clerk tasked with correcting erroneously entered addresses so that the customers would get their bills. Booorrrrriiing!

How old were you when you had your first kiss?
About 13. I met a really pretty girl while I was with my family on holiday in Ocho Rios. She was a little older than I was and more experienced. The kiss was great, out of this world. I had never had anyone else's tongue in my mouth before... You can tell it was good because I still remember it. That was also my last kiss for awhile, because her mother decided that I wasn't for her. Her mother wouldn't let her talk to me on the phone, nor would she let me come around to their house. Actually, years later, the girl became friends with my sister and my sister re-introduced us, and she behaved as though she never knew me at all... I didn't think that that was nice. Probably her mom did me a favour all those years ago.

What was your first car? What happened to it?
My first car was a 1982 Toyota Starlet. It was baby blue, it had been lowered and it had on some very pretty rims and wide tires, as well as a turbo muffler to give it a nice, gruff voice... I loved it. It used to give some trouble though. Someone had built it with miscellaneous parts in their backyard and it was always difficult to find the right parts when it broke down, so I sold it.

What was your first concert?
Wow, thats a hard one... I think it was a Third World Concert at the old Mallards Beach Hyatt (now the Jamaica Grande), back when Third World was hot. It was exciting. I don't remember the year, but one of their BIG songs at the time was "96 Degrees in the Shade"...

How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Hopefully I will go to the beach in the country, and maybe even go out somewhere with Natty. That'd be cool. I generally don't plan my weekends till Friday evening, though.

Anyway, I've got to get ready for work. You have a great day, ok.
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Monday, 2002/01/21 06:12:06 PM - [Link Back]
Time marches on...Well, we got the bed and the rail for the bed for MB Jr. He even slept most of the night in it , although I slept in the bed with him. Tonight Natty will sleep with him, and we'll do that a couple of times as we ease him out of our bed and into his own. Today, Natty carried him to pre-school for the first time, and she said he was really enjoying it. He didn't want to leave when she was ready. A big fight ensued, and he even bit her. I hope this display of enthusiasm for school will maintain its strength, though I doubt it.

I hear Mom accepted the present I left for her last night too. For this I am grateful.

The other night I was talking to Sheggy. She said she had taken a look at some of the other blogs out there and that their content seemed a little silly to her. I guess the blog thing is not for everyone... On the other hand, some of them have pretty good content. They write about things that makes you laugh, or that makes you stop and think. Stuff that makes you look at things with someone else's eyes. I went to Preferred Customer last night. It was an interesting read. The content is not like most other blogs I've been to. It ought to make you think for a bit. Heck, I'm still thinking about it. Check Preferred Customer out...
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