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Saturday, February 23, 2002  
Natty will probably kick my ass for this one, but here I go anyway: Daniel Pearl seems to have been a stupid ass. When Natty told me that the kidnappers had killed him, I really wasn't fazed. I didn't say this, mind you. You see, Natty is thinking about his poor wife and child, and feeling all sorry for them.

Heres my take. You are a man of 38. You should have some sense by now. Your country is bombing the hell out of Afghanistan. Pakistan is a neighbouring ally. Both countries are Muslim. Most Muslims who don't reside in America (and some that do) think America and Americans are assholes, and deserve to die... These are pretty well known, accepted facts. Also, you really should think about the fact that you're married and have a child on the way. The question I'd like to ask Daniel Pearl is "What the hell were you doing in Pakistan anyway? What are you doing going to meetings with Islamic extremists?".

Generally, I'm not overly sorry for any journalist who puts themselves squarely in harm's way. They know when they set out to cover the story that they are going into a bad spot where bad things might well happen to them. And for what, the faint hope of a Pulitzer? I am sorry when they are killed, but hey, thats a part of the job. A part they willingly take on, too. Some people like living on the edge. Some have a death wish. Many journalists seem to me to fall into one or the other of these categories.

His death has been characterised as being "most brutal". Newsflash! The vast majority of murders are brutal. Unless they tortured him to death, why should his death be viewed as being so much more important than any other murder that occurred that day? I don't get it... Anyway, take a look at what this gentleman has to say about it. Don't get me wrong. I am very sorry for his wife, who probably didn't want him to go.
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I went up to Sheggy's to play Kalooki last night. Diego won. It was a closely fought thing between himself and Sheggy. I guess its been a while since Sheggys won at Kalooki, because her competitive instincts were on at full blast! Wow! She really was awesome! I remember calling one of her cards. I was excited to see the card I had been waiting on for so long become available, so I reached out and put my finger on the card, mentally preparing to putting it into my hand. I was assuming I'd get it, you see. No such luck! Apparently it resembled a card Sheggy needed, and with an awful shreik, she flung out her own hand in a manner reminiscent of a King Cobra striking, to pluck it from my grasp and stuff it greedily into her own hand... It was frightening! Then she realised she didn't even need that card. (lol) It was really funny. But anyway, it was a nice night of cards... I came Dead Fucking Last actually. Seems my lucky streak is at an end...

Currently listening to Creed's "My Sacrifice" .
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Friday, February 22, 2002  
As I write this, a big silly grin adorns my normally grim, tense visage... My company has gotten a much higher bandwidth connection to the internet. Everything loads much faster! And I'd really been experiencing the "need for speed"! They might have to prize me away from my desk with a crowbar in the evenings. Only one thing could sweeten the deal. I now need a promotion to a newly created position: Chief Internet Surfer. I'll have to try to come up with a memo justifying such a position over the weekend... If anyone reading my Blog has composed just such a memo, send it over nuh?

Another bit of good news... The looong wait for payday is officially over. Yaaay!

I am feeling a bit tired now. Have you ever noticed that they'll put on a good movie which starts at, say, midnight... It will grab your attention and before you know it, you end up going to bed at 2:00AM... With work at 8:00AM. Thats the predicament in which I now find myself... Bummer.
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On top of being the Kings of Corruption, the Governmant is also arrogant beyond belief. But in the tradition of not re-inventing the wheel, I'll let you go and read it yourself. The following is a short, well written view of this very same point. Enjoy...
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Wednesday, February 20, 2002  
On the front page of the Gleaner was the headline "Power cut mars Royal Dinner". Oh, the embarrassment! I read this and drew the conclusion that the island's public utilities had decided to treat the queen just like one of us. Remember that I wondered if she'd suffer water lock offs like I did? I later learnt that the power cut she suffered during the royal dinner last night wasn't the fault of any utility, but rather, was to be attributed to the usual government negligence... Whats new, eh? Seems no one thought to check the electrical system out, and so they had a candlelight dinner. Possibly the queen's most romantic meal here.

Meanwhile, the Government continues to rack up scandals at such a pace that two of them (Netserv and Operation Pride, NHDC scandals) are vying for attention at one time as lead stories of one of the island's newspapers. See here. It would seem that the Government excels at corruption, graft and things of that nature... Who ever said they were good for nothing?
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Tuesday, February 19, 2002  
The P.N.P. Government has been responsible for J$6 Billion being frittered away on various scandals! Can you believe it? Talk about birds feathering their nests... At the same time, they have broken all sectors of the economy down to rubble and ruin. "In terms of the electorate, the average person does not even know about these things," said party general-secretary, Maxine Henry-Wilson.(via the Jamaica Gleaner)... This is why they neglect the Education sector as they do. They want an ignoraant electorate! They have much to answer for.
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We went to Norma's on the Verandah (its at Devon House) yesterday. We went there because Guilt Trip didn't open on Monday nights, but trust me, we weren't let down. The food was excellent. I'd recommend Norma's . It has really nice food. The only problem is that they really want you to pay for the ambiance, the food, the service. Mind you, all these things are excellent, but you will pay TOP DOLLAR for it... But we had fun nevertheless. I think it was the best anniversary we've had in at least three years. Happy Belated Anniversary, baby...
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Ok. I notice that some of you bloggers (you know who you are) have up your wishlists. You select things you want, and build a page which lists these things that you would have. I read where some of you have even gotten things that you desired after posting the wishlist. Well, I think that I'm just as deserving as you are. I am starting my own wishlist today. I have selected the first item. Go look at it, consider whether the joy you derive from reading my blog is of such that you feel that you should reward me with that item I wish for. If you think thats too small, check back, as I will flesh out my list. It will contain my top five most wanted items. Select from the list and buy it for me. Believe me, I'll appreciate it...
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Monday, February 18, 2002  
Well, the queen is here for a visit. Many Jamaicans are hostile to her, because she represents the colonialists, and slavery and a host of other things evil. Personally, I don't have a problem with her. I believe that anybody who has the upper hand will use it. If their roles had been reversed, (ie. the Africans had the weaponry and the power of the whites) Africa would probably have colonialised Europe. I think I have good historical backing too. See the Moors took over Spain for a while there. So, yeah, I don't mind the queen visiting the Rock... Only, I ask myself, do you think they'll lock off her water tonight too?
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Last night, on the way home from Frenchman's Cove, we stopped at Blueberry Hill, a popular Jerk Centre that Dr. D. insists is the best in Jamaica (I'm not convinced, they're merely ok). Anyway, while we were there, one of his patients stopped by at the Jerk Centre too. I guess the guy assumed I was a doctor too, because he came across and started discussing his medical problems right in front of me. Apparently Dr. D. had referred him to see someone else who had diagnosed him to have H.I.V. so he was discussing this with Dr. D. This is the first person with the "dreaded disease" that I knowingly have come across. I looked him over and it really came home to me... You cannot tell at all who's carrying the disease. The guy was a bit on the thinner side, but otherwise, he seemed to be in the pink of good health. I started wondering if he had stopped having sexual relations with his partner(s)? Had he even admitted it to them, or was it just business as usual, spreading the disease willy-nilly throughout the area where he lived. I went back to the car and I mentioned it to Natty (I have never made any vow to avoid divulging patient info, so there), then went back to get my food.

When I got back to the car, Natty mentioned that a lot of wild impulses had run through her head, stuff she knew wasn't logical. Thoughts involving her not wanting me to go near the man for fear I would catch the disease, things like that. We realised how it must be for them, how people who don't know better have been ostracising or even victimising them. Such behavior only serves to drive the
people with the disease to hide it. This makes it all the more dangerous for the rest of us. Our own paranoia and fear of the disease, our attempts to avoid it at all cost, are serving to further the advance of the disease. Ironic, isn't it?

I just hope he has admitted it to his partner(s) and that they all are refraining from unprotected sex with each other, and from all sex with any others. WHO statistics indicate that the Caribbean is second only to Sub Saharan Africa (on a per capita basis) with regard to the number of people who are living with HIV/AIDS in that region. We need to tackle the knowledge barrier, and not exclude those people from society if we are to have a chance fighting the disease... Its enough to make you a bit worried.

By the way, feel free to wish Natty and I Happy Anniversary. Just click on the "Comment" hyperlink thingy below here
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Sunday, February 17, 2002  
Janet Jackson
What a weekend! I know I said Red Bones was a disappointment, but you have to compare it with staying home or cards all the time. It was refreshing to be out for a change.Then Saturday was the Hylton Lime, I told you how good that was already.

Dr. D. and I had been talking about going to the country to the beach recently, and we decided that today would be the day. The beach chosen for this, the
inaugural trip in the "Beaches in the Country Road Trip Series 2002" was Frenchman's Cove in Portland. This morning the convoy of two vehicles set out at precisely 9:45 AM, and we just came back at 8:30 PM. Let me tell you, it was great. The entourage consisted of Natty, MB. Jr., Dr. D., Sister C. and myself. Frenchman's Cove is privately owned, so you have to pay a small fee to enter. They have a well stocked bar, (unlike Florida, where I am told its illegal to drink at the beach. Thats so wierd!) and they sell food. Today the fare was Jerked Chicken (really their interpretation of Jerked Chicken), Sliced Snapper Fish, and Grilled Lobster. Guess which one we had? Actually we had both the Jerked Chicken and the Grilled Lobster, and let me tell you, those were the biggest lobsters I've ever had. All in all, this must have been the best weekend for 2002 thus far. You know, I'm going to have to come up with a points system and use it to rate the weekends to find the best one for the year, but I digress. Anyway, we kept the candle burning for the whole weekend, and thats how I like it... Took a lot of pics, I'm planning to post some up later or tomorrow, depending on my mood, so look out for them.

I see that Janet Jackson's concert is on HBO. Man, she isn't looking bad at all, is she? I suppose its not surprising. She started out fairly cute, and then she has spent a lot of time, energy and money to improve upon Nature's handiwork. Lets see, false tresses and breasts, she seems to have gone under the knife at some point, and her personal trainer has done an awesome job. I won't big her up for the false stuff, because if you've got the dough, you too can look so, but just look at those abs. Everybody bow and scrape... We're not worthy! Jerry D, a popular Radio Disc Jockey here in Ja., likes to call abs like that "washboard stomachs". She opened with the song "Its all for you", and if shes talking about the bodywork shes done, I really hope she's deriving some pleasure from it 'cause shes done a great job. Big up for that, Janet! Personally, I prefer my women with the flat stomach but not necessarily sporting a six pack, but thats just me. What do y'all think? Comment and let me know, nuh?. I wish my stomach would look like that... ***sigh***.

Bwoy, she really gets all sweaty doing her routine, don't you think? Most of the women I've known were not all that much into sporting activity. The only time I saw them looking all sweaty like that was after a good romantic workout, so thats what I think of when I see her looking like that. I know some people don't like it when their partner gets all hot and sweaty, but personally, I love it. In my experience, when two people get all hot and bothered like that, it usually means that a good time was had by all. What do y'all think? Do you like it dry or wet?
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