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Thursday, 2001/08/30 11:24:58 PM
I remember when my brother died... A lot of people came around to our house, some brought food, some brought drinks, and they proceeded to have a party, basically... It would at least qualify as a get together. And everyone who passed you had to touch you in some way, a hand on your back, a hug, or they would squeeze your forearm, or something...
I remember back then, I didn't like it. I just wanted to be left alone. What was all that crap about, your brother had just died and they were here making out like it was Christmas, or their party had just won the election or something.

Now I see it differently. These people don't have to mooch off you. They can afford their own liquor, and their own food (most of them). They also feel a bit awkward. "What should I say to them, I don't want them to break down if I say how terrible it is, but I don't want them to think that I'm an uncaring lout by simply not mentioning it. What do I say to them?"

And yet they come. They touch you, when normally they wouldn't. They hug you, they cry with you. They come to take your mind off what has happened, and to help you in your time of trouble. And at a time when it is decidedly uncomfortable for them.

I now see it for what it is. It is one of those times when humans shine. When they are simply trying to help another human being. It's noble, even...

Tonight my friend's father died. I will miss him.

Tuesday, 2001/08/28 07:18:17 PM
Don't you just hate it when your car starts to act up on you. Especially when it isn't a new car, because when it's not new, the problems tend to be annoying, niggley little things that are everpresent. A little noise in the background as you drive, or maybe the odometer showing that the car is running slightly hotter than usual, or some such little annoyance. And you just KNOW something is wrong.

The problem with this is that no one seems to be able to identify exactly whats wrong, so you get to know your mechanic(s) very well, as you visit them constantly. Then, despite the fact that they "fixed" the problem, the problem flares up, and the car overheats just as you're driving through that awful neighbourhood, or it breaks down in the evening traffic, and blocks up everybody, and they give you this baleful glare as they make their way past you through the traffic.

This is a problem that I have experienced from way back when, as I distinctly recall having to get out and push the car quite a few times as we were picking up my sister from school when I was a teenager, and I had to do this in front of what I considered to be some of the hottest girls in the nation! Then it was mainly annoying because of the embarrassment you experienced.

Now its just annoying because its ANNOYING!!!

Monday, 2001/08/27 10:49:02 PM
Jamaica's teachers are leaving in droves for greener pastures in the U.S. and in the U.K. They seem to be leaving for higher pay and more opportunities. Some here say the Government shouldn't allow them to leave... Ludicrous. This and past governments have never seen it possible to increase the pay of teachers in any substantial way. At the same time, they have increased the pay of members of the Government, and by large percentages. The present government has presided over the ruin of the economy, of the health sector, and of education in Jamaica, in my opinion. Surely the teachers have done more for the country, and are more deserving of reward. No wonder they are leaving...

Sunday, 2001/08/26 11:11:15 PM
Dead tired due to two late nites in one weekend and an early rising son. Anyway...
Met with my clients at 2:00 PM and got some work done, then carried my son to my parents for a visit at about 6:00 PM.
No quarrels, hassles, just smooth enjoyment. Just like this Appleton V/X rum and Pepsi I'm sipping....
Wikid weekend, really when you think about it... By the way, I was watching the Madonna Concert on HBO. Wasn't that great. Eventually switched to watch some local drag racing....

Sunday, 2001/08/26 10:28:32 AM
In the PM, went to a friend and played Kaluki (stay tuned, I may try to explain the game sometime in the future). I was really running the game till the last hand, but at least I came second in the first game. Phillip won. He came down on me with three jokers in my hand. But it was still an irie game. We played till 2AM. I was able to do this 'cause my son fell asleep early and my wife was tired, so she stayed home with him. But it was a kool nite.

Saturday, 2001/08/25 09:30:28 PM :
Water lock off first thing in the AM! No Problem, we're used to it. Just packed up our stuff and headed out to Shelley's, hook up a bath there.

Was supposed to get some work done (set up a mail server and work on a program for some clients) but loafed it out. Went to see my friend's dad, as he is very sick... Bummer!
Arranged to work with the clients on Sunday...

Saturday, 2001/08/25 09:25:15 AM :
Late entry for Friday : Yeah, yeah, yeah! Shelley told us it was good, so we made the effort to go, and Epiphany II was pretty good. My wife and I decided to go on Thursday nite (2001/08/23). She planned to ask her parents to watch our son for us (20 months old). There were many glitches in the program and that didn't eventually pan out. Had to ask my parents to baby sit. Anyway, we went to the nite club (Friday nite), and it was pretty cool. They played oldies, and most of the people there were around our age. It was a decent crowd, not many ruffnecks. There was this drunken asshole who looked like he wanted to get friendly with my wife, and was telling me I was "crowding him" (but thats a long story), but simply going to the other side of the club took care of him. Turned out to be a decent "lime". All y'all should go... when next you're in Kingston, Jamaica, check it out!


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