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Saturday, 2001/12/01 09:35:14 PM - [Link Back]
Trust me, don't let people know what you do for a living if you're into Information Technology. Everyone thinks that the fact that you are in I/T is an excuse to USE you... "What kind of computer should I buy?"... "I'm doing this programming course and they've given me a C++ program to write, its due in 15 minutes and I don't know anything about C++. Can you write it for me?"... "I can't get my mouse to work"... Theres always something else coming up. The funny thing is that 90% of them don't even think about the fact that normally you're paid to do whatever they are asking you to do, let alone offer to pay you something for your time. And if you ask them for help or information or anything involving free donations of their time with regard to their area of specialty, they look at you like you're an alien.

Went out last night, against my better judgement. I was damned tired. And, as uaually happens when you force the issue and go out, even when you don't want to, it was really dull. I won't bore you with anymore details.

Remember this when you're feeling low. Time is a flow. Things vary as time passes. Although you're feeling down now, that is simply a measure of your emotional state at one point in time. If you just relax, the situation will change. Just give it time... But you gotta watch out for it becoming progressively worse as time passes... if that happens, be worried... Be very, very worried.

Thursday, 2001/11/29 09:24:50 PM - [Link Back]
Well, I spent a lot of time investigating Blogger today. Its pretty cool. I haven't figured out everything, but I've made definite progress. I now realise that I was chatting absolute crap regarding the user being forced to use the themes from Blogger... I'm experimenting with it heavily now, soon I will know whether I wanna use it for my site. The tools I currently use are Notepad, Tripod's site builder, FTP and Paint and Paintbrush for graphics. I would still have to use the graphics software, but I'd lessen my use of Notepad considerably. Unfortunately, the interface that Blogger provides is rather similar to Notepad in functionality. So far it seems the biggest feature I would get is automatic archiving, and the ability for people to link to anything that I post easily. I will be investigating somemore and will keep you posted (as a service to mankind, of course ).

Hey Sylvia123, I did the extra lap for you. You're welcome, baby... Yeah, I went back to the Police Officer's Club this evening. The ground is so tough Shit! At least I was able to get a run in though.

Remember I told y'all about the little function I attended re the alliance between my Credit Union, Superclubs and Air Jamaica? Well they had this prize that they were giving away, a trip for two to stay at one of the Superclubs in Cuba. To win it, you had to go onstage and dance the "Logon" in front of the audience. I could have attempted to win if I knew how to do the dance "Logon". Yessir, thats the new dance craze here in Paradise... I hardly go out nowadays so it's only logical that I wouldn't know this dance. (or even the most popular song the dance is performed to, a really catchy number "Logon! and Step on Chi-chi Man" which loosely means to step on homosexuals. Did I mention that Jamaica is an extremely homophobic society? Well, this song is so catchy that even a homosexual friend of mine likes it, though he is against the lyrics.

Anyway, a local shopping centre was promoting a craft fair that they are putting on (hey, Christmas is upon us), so they had a truck with loud music on the back and a few mascots and they drove through the area that I work and were handing out leaflets, and the mascots were dancing the "Logon". The mascots wore costumes, you know, kind of like the Mickey Mouse costumes at Disney World, with the huge heads on the smaller scale human body... It really was hilarious to watch. And the dance, its kinda cool looking. I am going to practice it up in preparation for any more giveaways in future... But wait. By the time anymore of these giveaways occur, there'll be a new popular song and dance, and the odds are I won't know those either. Drat! You just can't win! Oh well, mi gawn... (I gotta go now.) Oh, I almost forgot... Check out FreakHo.

Thursday, 2001/11/29 07:02:26 PM - [Link Back]
Whoo hoo hoo! My web page counter burst the century mark! Virtual Rum & Cokes, beer and bubbly for everyone. Drink up, my peeps... Quickly now, I've got to get ready for work...

Wednesday, 2001/11/28 08:57:23 PM - [Link Back]
Tom Clancy really is in the know re the U.S. Armed forces and their weaponry. Remember I was telling y'all about his predicting suicide attacks with airplanes? Well, I'm in awe. I just got done reading his novel the other day and in it he mentioned these unmanned spy craft, which were absolutely awesome. Tonight I'm looking around MSNBC and hey presto, here it is, they tell us all about the drones! The man is awesome, I tell you!

I've been feeling a bit jealous today. Why? My company sends a lot of the people in Information Systems away on training from time to time. I myself have been to many U.S. cities as a result of my company's training programs. The key words here are "U.S". I would like to be sent somewhere else for once. The only other place I've been to other than the U.S. is Mexico City. (that was cool!) I am really hankering to go to some other "more exotic" destination. By more exotic, I mean anywhere else... with the exception of those war-torn countries of course, a recent example of which is Afghanistan. I would like to go to other Caribbean destinations, too.

Actually, I was all set to go to Trinidad on an outside job (not for the company where I work). One of the main reasons I took the job was so I'd get to go. Just like spite, events at my company caused me to have to cancel my trip. Well, I said I was jealous, and guess why? Two other people from my department have been sent to a conference in Trinidad. Socaville! I vex, I vex, I vex so till (I was pissed). Not that I'm not thankful for the opportunities my company has offered me, but I really would like a trip to soak up some Trini culture... Trinidad is known for it's beautiful women, incidentally. They're supposed to have lots of them, more than Ja. According to local folklore, the only place to match them is Cuba. It would be interesting (in an academic sort of way, of course ) to find out if that really is true. They've had at least one Ms. World and at least one Miss Universe too, the latest of which was Wendy Fitzwilliam, (above left) who was "aw-right!"

Anyway, company mine, if y'all want to make it up to me, you can schedule my next training session in London, Paris or Berlin. Maybe then I'll be somewhat mollified... Maybe. In the meantime, y'all have a look at diveintomark. Some of his posts are pretty cool...

Wednesday, 2001/11/28 06:35:06 PM - [Link Back]
Hmmm... More mail... Natty's very popular! Oh, and to all you Jamaicans who've been saying you like being updated with info on Jamaican happenings, you may be interested in the Portmore and the August Town community websites. More later, I've got to pick up MB. Jr... Soon come.

Tuesday, 2001/11/27 09:49:00 PM - [Link Back]
Ok. I lowered my standards... As I've said before, I really like to run up by the Mona Dam, but because its getting dark ridiculously early recently, I've not been running. This has been going on for ages now! (this translates into a couple of months). Tonight I decided to return to the Police Officer's Club. (ugh... but I've been eating and drinking too much, and its beginning to show, and I'm vain, so... what can I tell you?) They have a field there, a cricket pitch really, and people go to the club and run around the pitch in the mornings and the evenings. I don't like it much because its small, (you really get the feeling you're running in circles when you run around a small field) and the surface is really tough, and its dark and there are a lot of small stones along the path that you could twist an ankle on and... well you get the idea, but at least you can get in a couple of laps... Plus sometimes the scenery isn't too bad. I took Natty and MB. Jr. with me tonight. MB. Jr. liked it, he likes to run up and down outdoors. Natty liked it too, mainly because MB. Jr. likes it. I took it easy tonight, ran six laps instead of my usual ten. Working back in slowly, you know what I mean?

I have been visiting other people's blog sites and the vast majority of them use some kind of blogging tool. This says to me that it must be much easier to use one of the tools out there rather than to do everything yourself, like I'm doing... Hey, at least you know that mine is a labour of love, baby! But still, I really need to look into it some more. I actually started looking into it, but got sidetracked by life, you know what I mean? Whats been stopping me from using these tools is that these blog tools seemed to dictate several things, one of the most troublesome being that they have some awful themes that they use. Apparently you can use whatever you want, but you just have to know how to set it up. (hint hint: to any experts out there reading this, feel free to show off your knowledge. Tell me how I'd go about doing this.) I will have to do further research, though the way I do my blog now, I really don't take that long at all. Wish me luck... Maybe I'll find the time to research it soon.

By the way, there is mail!

Monday, 2001/11/26 11:33:19 PM - [Link Back]
Boy, Jamaica is a really irie place, but some horrendous things happen here in paradise. Read this story about a young girl's ordeal living in the inner city. It is horrible. The only consolation I could find is that now her brother is probably giving blowjobs to four thick ugly mothafuckers there in prison, and when he gets done, they'll probably line up to "rev out his engine" from behind. Hope the little shit grows to like it over the years! But then again, Jamaica is not known for justice of any kind, let alone poetic justice. Probably the asswipe will be the one dishing out the "close encounters of an anal kind" in prison, instead of being on the receiving end. Bummer...

Sunday, 2001/11/25 02:47:20 PM - [Link Back]
This is my cellie. My cellie is special. Many cellies are special, but my cellie is especially special. My cellie is green. It has a loud ring. My cellie is... Ooops... I went off into a daze there, guess I've been reading too many children's stories to MB. Jr. You know, he asks you to read the stories over and over and over... and it starts as soon as his eyes open, and only ends when his eyes close for the night. But thats cool...

So, last night I took Natty to dinner. We actually planned to go back to Guilt Trip, (yeah, it really was that good ) but unfortunately they seemed to have had a bumper crowd there, we couldn't find anywhere to park. Instead, we went to Jade Garden, an upscale chinese restaurant in the nearby Sovereign Center. It was pretty good but I think we would have enjoyed Guilt Trip more.

Since tomorrow is Natty's birthday, Sheggy threw a surprise get together for her. Thats where we went after dinner. It came off fairly well, but Natty recognised some of the cars in the parking lot, and I neglected to call before we got there, so she heard the people in Sheggy's apartment talking, and so the surprise didn't really work as expected. I didn't think I had to call because they said I should come by at 8:30 and I got there on time, so I figured they'd be looking out for us, guess I wasn't thinking. Anyway it was fun overall, although I got into a big argument with a friend there for a while... And it was over stupidness too. He is the sort of person who tries to force his opinion down your throat sometimes, and his opinion was totally wrong. I got a bit annoyed and blasted him. Excessive reaction, because it really wasn't important, but I guess its ok now. Anyway, I'm going to run out now and buy a card so see ya... Feel free to email birthday greetings for Natty to me, I'll see that she gets them. You can use my "Contact me" link.

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