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Sunday, 2001/12/09 11:59:00 PM - [Link Back]
Ok, so I didn't make the Bike Show... I didn't go to watch the Motor Rally either (yeah, there was a big Motor Rally going on too, hear it was good), so thats not the excuse. Didn't do much of anything the whole day, actually. I did go to the play, which was pretty good. The cast comprised 52 children between the ages of 3 and 12. It was a Christmas play, an interpretation of Christmas in Jamaican style. Quite interesting, MB. Jr. loved it. People were suggesting that he was too young to appreciate it, but he sat through two forty minute acts and he loved it. Later.

Saturday, 2001/12/08 09:55:31 PM - [Link Back]
I have found that it can be very painful when you really, really want something and it is denied to you, for whatever reason. You begin to obsess about the object of your desire. The thought of it consumes all your time, it consumes your whole mind. It's not a good thing. It can cause you to do reckless things, for instance, make you drive like a raving lunatic. Eventually you simply have to do something about it, or you'll lose your mind. Luckily I didn't get to that stage. I got home before my bladder burst, and I was able to pee at home.

I was coming in from the office Fun Day. It was decent, you know what I mean? Better than staying home, but not really wonderful. Like I said, Sean Paul was there. Sean Paul is a Jamaican DJ (rapper). He's pretty good, he has a number of hits, but theres something wrong, possibly with his stage performance. He doesn't really look like a DJ, being a very light skinned guy (here they would say white) from Upper St. Andrew. Not your typical DJ, born and raised in the ghetto. I sometimes wonder whether thats why he can't fire up the crowd in person, even though his records do well. I felt sorry for him today, as he didn't get asked to do even one encore, while another singer, Abijah who I previously thought was not yet at Sean Paul's level, got a recall. Who really took the place by storm was Fourth Street Sister, a group of four girls who were really great. Yeh, dem look sweet, an dem sing sweet!! I'll post a couple of pics tomorrow.

I must say that the best part of the day consisted of the drive there and back. Yeah, pedal to the metal, baby! More so on the way back. I took the Junction road going, and then went back through Fern Gully, and let me say the road work which has been done on that route is much appreciated. Fuelled by a need to urinate, as well as a "Need for Speed" vibe, I made very good time indeed. That route is almost like a race track now! I also went to the office party I mentioned yesterday. What can I say about it? Hmmm. At least the food was good. (stifling a grimace)

Friday, 2001/12/07 04:41:58 PM - [Link Back]
So, let me give you an idea of all the goings on which sound interesting this weekend. Firstly, tonight I have an office party to attend. Fujitsu/ICL is putting on a party, and they're trying to sell my company some software, so I got invited. I fully intend to put in an appearance. My very good friend (I'll call him Krazy E) and his wife just had a baby girl. (Congratulations, Krazy E and family! ) I will pass by the hospital right after work, then go to the Fujitsu/ICL party, then home.

The calendar is rather full tomorrow, what with the Reggae Marathon on in Negril, the Annual Fun Day put on by my office, which is in St. Mary (James Bond Beach), and in the afternoon, there is a little play that my nephew is in. Decisions, decisions, decisions... I will be going to the Company Fun Day. Sean Paul will be there.

Sunday now... On Sunday, there is a Bike show at Vernamfield in Clarendon. They have riders from the U.S. and they'll be doing stunts and tricks on motorbikes. I saw the advertisement on TVJ and on CVM TV, and it looked interesting. I may pass through. I plan to get pics for all y'all, so watch out for them...

Interesting observations:

Mummy says of Daddy : "All he does is watch animals on National Geographic, like a child!

My sister says : "I'm going to get a job with CNN, so that I can communicate with Mummy!"

I guess its another case of the pot calling the kettle black... What can I tell you?

Friday, 2001/12/07 03:26:22 PM - [Link Back]
At some point,you just have to stop watching the bloody counter and celebrating every little hit. You've got to realise that these are really paltry figures, they're simply a drop in the bucket. You've just got to stop bothering people with the incremental changes, you know what I mean?

Thank God that that time has not yet come... 200 (Two Hundred) hits... and climbing. Whoo hoo!!!! (Party music starts, champagne corks popping )

Virtual drinks for everyone! Come on, fill yer glasses. Drink up. Great... Now get yer asses back to work!

Thursday, 2001/12/06 11:11:40 PM - [Link Back]
Hey... I was cruisin' through /usr/bin/girl, and I saw a little quiz. Thought I'd try it out. Its a Stud Quiz, to rate your "stud-ness" quotient" and you know every man likes to think of themself as a stud. So I did the test. I thought I was doing rather poorly, I must have just scraped through.. I got a score of 35 :

"You're a stud! Attaboy! You operate safely within the limits of machoism and are no stranger to mayhem, raw fear and debauchery..." I was told... Hmmm. Thumbs up, I think?!? I must've gotten lotsa points for staring down the barrel of a gun. I'll tell y'all about those events sometime. In the mean time, try the quiz. Actually, I have had to stare down gunbarrels three times, twice the police had me at gunpoint, though I was only really worried about being shot one of those two times, and the third time, I held the gun. And no, I wasn't thinking about killing myself (But then I was still young and idealistic and full of hope ). Let me tell y'all about the latter one now.

At the time, I was still going out with the girl who lived near Grants Pen. It was about 1982 or so, and we were around by her aunt's house. We went there to watch a World Cup match (soccer, for those who aren't in the know) because they had light, but my girlfriend was having a powercut in her neighbourhood. Italy was playing Brazil, I think... Theres Paolo Rossi to the left, he played for Italy.

Anyway, some of her uncle's friends came by to watch the match too, one of whom was a man who ran a security company, along with a couple of other things. He was a real gun nut. (there are quite a few here) He always carried at least two handguns, a Browning 9MM Semi-automatic and a .44 Magnum revolver with a very long barrel. When he arrived, he took off the Magnum (in its belt and holster) and hung it on the door (I guess because it was so heavy). The men then began to gamble poker (using bullets as chips). I asked him if I could look at the gun, and he got up, unloaded it and handed it to me. I held it out at arms length, sighting along the barrel, but the barrel was so heavy, I couldn't hold it steady as I sighted along it. Anyway, I sat down and pointed the barrel up in the air, resting the front sight on the tip of my nose, and was watching the men play cards. I guess you could say I was looking down the barrel! . Ok, ok, I know, what an anticlimax. Sorryyy!!! The other two times, I was being menaced by the police, so they'll be much more exciting stories, I promise.

Shortly after I had sat down and swung the gun's barrel up into the air, a man entered the yard, shouting out to see if anyone was home. We replied and he approached the verandah, where we all were sitting. He came to ask for directions, and he actually started, but he looked around and saw me sitting there with the gun, and he saw a couple more guns lying around, and the other men playing cards and gambling with the bullets, and he did an immediate about face and left in mid sentence . We all had a good laugh at that one. I've always wondered whether he found where he was looking for.

Interestingly enough, some years later, the gun nut's girlfriend left him for another man. He kept trying to get her to come back to him, but she wouldn't. Her relationship with the other man was going from strength to strength, and eventually she married the other guy. The gun nut blocked her way on the street a short time after that and again asked her to leave the other man for him. She refused and he shot her to death right there in the street. He was one crazy mo' fo'! He is now serving a life sentence. By the way, back to the match... Italy beat Brazil 3-2 in that match (Paolo Rossi scored a hat-trick to put Brazil out of the competition in the most exciting match of the tournament, IMHO), and went on to beat Germany and win the World Cup.

Thursday, 2001/12/06 07:54:17 AM - [Link Back]
I heard that KPMG doesn't "allow" people to link to their website without permission. (lol) Click here to find out what I'm talking about. Well, I'm feeling reckless this morning... Everyone click on the KPMG link over there, to the right. Latah, kiddies...

Wednesday, 2001/12/05 08:08:40 PM - [Link Back]
I got up at 5:00 AM this morning, can you believe it? The project team and I went to St. Mary to do a couple of presentations. Mantle, my co-worker, did the driving this time, mainly because I refused to drive. We went via the Junction Road, but I didn't see much of it because I fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up for most of the trip. I was dead tired, as I had spent the previous night helping Sheggy prepare for a presentation to senior management at her workplace. I didn't get to bed until after 1:30PM. Talk about burning the candle at both ends...

The presentations were held at the Casa Maria Hotel in St. Mary. I had thought about carrying the digital camera and decided against it, but was sorry when I got there, because the hotel had an absolutely fantabulous view! The Casa Maria Hotel is an old hotel, in need of guests and much refurbishing, but it has a lot of potential, because it has a sweet location. It is on the main road which is right by the shore. It is on the side opposite the shore, and it is on a low rise, maybe 40 to 50 feet above sea level. The front of the hotel consists of sliding glass windows which, when opened, allow in the softest, coolest little sea breese you can imagine. (And it went on all day! ). The place positively cried out for a good novel and a well placed hammock. Given those, one could easily spend time there getting much needed R&R (which was on my mind so much because I was tired ).

If I had money, I'd buy the place, pour a tidy sum into refurbishing it, and turn it into an upscale dive resort. I'd get an old ship (preferably like a spanish galleon) and/or a plane and sink them off-shore as dive attractions, and even start up a fish feeding program (feeding the fish by hand) like they have in the Caymans, and try to make a go of the place. That view and breese really is too good to be wasted... Yow, feel free to use my idea, my peeps, 'cause I simply aint got the bucks, seen? (ok?)

Tuesday, 2001/12/04 09:53:32 AM - [Link Back]
You know, I've also noticed, MB. Jr. Is like me in some of his mannerisms... Do y'all think mannerisms can be inherited? I didn't even think about it myself, till I noticed MB. Jr. doing some things I do. Unfortunately, he chews up the inner lining of his lip. Natty doesn't do this, but I do. Also, when he wakes up, he is UP! (Stop it, your mind is filthy! Thats not what I meant.) There is little middle ground. Hes asleep, then poof... Hes awake, getting up, crawling around, etc. I'm like that. Natty is not, she takes longer to throw off the vestiges of sleep. Since I noticed these things, I've been wondering just how much one can inherit, you know? For instance, if your parent is a thief, might you inherit some of his more quick fingered traits. Might you be pre-disposed to be a thief yourself? Interesting question, isn't it?

Personally, I hope that the lip chewing thingie is the only bad habit MB. Jr. inherited from me, 'cause I have plenty, and he doesn't need all that baggage in his life... And don't get any ideas. I am not a thief, that was just an example...

Tuesday, 2001/12/04 07:46:10 AM - [Link Back]
Ok, I put a counter on the Weekly Log page, just to see if anybody is reading my archives. I only mention it here because it will allow me to track when I put on the counter... Got up too late to really post anything , but check me back later, baby... Gotta go to work. I'm out. Peace

Monday, 2001/12/03 06:26:36 AM - [Link Back]
Well, its Monday again... Work again... I feel like I didn't get a whole weekend in, I don't know why. How many of you feel the same way? Anyway, I was cruisin' through the Hostile Redhead's site and I saw where she had done an interesting little online test so I did it too. Basically, you go to this quiz site where they ask you some questions. Based upon your responses, they decide which villain from a James Bond movie you're most like.

If I was a James Bond villain, I would be Francisco Scaramanga.

I enjoy good food, monopolising the world's energy supplies, and sex before assassinating people.

I am played by Christopher Lee in The Man with the Golden Gun.

I am a bit annoyed because the Redhead got a more imposing looking villain. Mine looks positively wimpy. I didn't see either movie, so I don't know which one was the more evil of the two. When you don't know much about something, go with the next most scientific approach: appearances!

Happy birthday, MB. Jr!

Sunday, 2001/12/02 04:35:57 PM - [Link Back]
People are always looking to see how much a baby looks like his or her parents. And I guess the parents also like it when their child looks like them too. (Heck, sometimes its the only way the father will accept paternity ). People are always telling me that MB. Jr. (my two year old) doesn't look like me for some reason. "Hes the spitting image of Natty, you know. He doesn't look anything like you". Theres even this one woman who tells me that every single time she sees him... sadistic, isn't she?

But you know what. I don't let them bother me. They are looking at the whole picture. Sure, overall he really looks more like Natty than me, but when you look at each distinct feature, you can find similarities between MB. Jr. and myself. His forehead is much more like mine than Natty's (Yes, it sticks out like mine does... (has to do with all that brainpower behind the skull, you know what I mean)). And Natty doesn't have dimples, but MB. Jr. and I both do. Theres one more area of similarity. Yup, that area where all boy babies more favour their fathers than their mothers - his penis. His penis is the spitting image of mine, even if his is a bit bigger , so to all those people who insist on telling me he doesn't look like me, I say "More fire!" (No skin off my back).

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