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Sunday, 2001/12/16 10:57:24 AM - [Link Back]
Yeah, yeah yeah... Played Kaluki with Sheggy last night. Natty stayed home with MB. Jr. and Seven and I went up to Sheggy's. Sheggy won the first game, Seven won the second. I came last and second from a field of four players. We had fun. Today is my Dad's birthday... His sister is having us around to a family gathering. Should be fun. I'm feeling kind of family-ish, you know, like seeing and catching up with my cousins and aunt, etc., which isn't like me much... it must be because its Christmas. I'll keep y'all posted.

I have added a counter to my page from Site Meter. I want to compare the types of statistics that the Site Meter counter gives me compared with the counter from Bravenet... More later, bye

Friday, 2001/12/14 11:35:35 PM - [Link Back]
You know, I'm convinced that Phillip Paulwell will eventually make Prime Minister of Jamaica... You don't think so? Hey, he has all the right credentials... He speaks well, he carries himself with the right level of authority, and now he has the ultimate qualification : he has his very own scandal , just like P. J. Patterson (with the "Shell Waiver" scandal), or Eddie Seaga (although Eddie's "forgotten" loans occurred after his turn at the Prime Ministerial post) And Paulwell's scandal looks rather expensive. Hes a man to watch, boys... mark my words. But imagine. The man loses J$180 Million dollars (US$3.8 Million dollars to my readers overseas) and they refer to it simply as "regrettable".

I am experiencing some very intermittent service from Tripod... I have been unable to update my site as I'd like to... I was just lucky to try FTP access just now and catch it while it was up... We'll see how I fare over the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, 2001/12/13 11:30:45 PM - [Link Back]
Let me tell you, today SUCKED BIGTIME!! You know when you do things wrong and you wish you could get a "do over" so that you could do it right the second time? Well today was one of those days you wish you had never seen, will not see anymore of, and will never see the like of again! ) One of the bad things was that my stupid headlight stopped working and the stupid police pulled me over and gave me a ticket. Everybody I tell says he should have warned me, as the light is an electrical part and can go anytime. I think he was angry with me. I stepped out of the car and he asked me if I had a licensed firearm, (standard question) then he asked me if I was carrying any contraband! Now what answer did he expect? I just laughed, and I think he got angry then. Six points off my license in one go, just like that. The police inspector was a real asshole! That was the worst thing that happened although a lot of other crap did too, including Tripod having downtime. I am unable to update the site at all. I guess I will have to store up my posts till Tripod comes back up... Pschaw, me gone to bed...

Thursday, 2001/12/13 07:06:10 AM - [Link Back]
Guess what? J. Wray and Nephew Ltd. seems to have decided to compete with Smirnoff Ice, at least locally. They have come up with this drink called X-Wray which is similar, and they are starting off their product with a bang. They are co-inciding its launch with that of a new local nightclub called the G-Spot (which is supposed to be the biggest thing since the coming of Jesus Christ, incidentally ). Theres only one fly in the ointment... I don't think it tastes that good . Certainly the Smirnoff Ice tastes better. They will have to "wheel and come again" (start over and try again) in my view.

The G-Spot now, that is a new product which is being eagerly awaited. Here in Jamaica, we tire of the same things rather quickly, and we have been on a steady diet of Asylum as the major, happening nightclub around town. Well, its rumoured that the owners of Asylum decided to open a new disco themselves, to be their own competition, as it were. Get there before some competitor does. The result of that marketing strategy (which incidentally, is used by many major international companies successfully i.e. Procter and Gamble) is the G-Spot. Its supposed to be fabulous. I'll give you more info as soon as I have it.

Wednesday, 2001/12/12 09:55:31 PM - [Link Back]
Well, the tree is finally up... Natty had recently said "Only fifteen days to Christmas? Why bother with the Christmas Tree?" rather sarcastically, so I knew I had to do something. I waited till she went out and went and bought it and surprised her. Her brother Derek came by and helped her to set it up, thank God! I've always hated setting up or taking down Christmas Trees... Yessir, they scratch like a mo' fo'...

Tuesday, 2001/12/11 07:17:57 PM - [Link Back]
I was driving home in traffic yesterday evening and so was able to overhear two "walk-foot" (don't own a car) men talking. All I heard was "Bwoy, true we a walk-foot none a di 'oman dem will even look pon wi." Translated, that means "Because we don't have money or prospects, none of the women driving by us in the evening traffic would give us the time of day." Now I ask you? What did they expect? Thats really scrub-like thinking.

I am willing to bet that if either of these men had a daughter, and had worked hard to buy her pampers and feed her, to clothe her, to put her through school, they would agree with me. If they had given of their time to help their daughter with her homework, and had sent her to extra lessons, so that their daughter excelled academically, and ended up becoming a doctor or a lawyer, I say they would agree with me. If they had done all these things, and then their daughter brought home a "walk-foot" man to meet the family, these same men would call her "wutless" (lacking in ambition, foolish)


On another note, I mentioned that I would try to find some information regarding my previous post for y'all. Well, I scanned the Gleaner site but was unable to find the article by Claude Mills giving an account of what he heard (re the Braeton Killings). I was only able to find another article which briefly mentions and describes the Claude Mills piece. Check that article out here I fired off an email to the webmaster at the Gleaner in hopes that they can assist me to find the original piece. Trust me, it was chilling... Ian Boyne really surprised me with the way he discusses the people wanting SSP. Adam's head as people with some "agenda". If I am able to find the article, I will post it... You judge.

Monday, 2001/12/10 11:59:00 PM - [Link Back]

SSP Adams
I wish I could support Senior Superintendant of Police Renato Adams and the Crime Management Unit in their fight against crime. It is a fight that must be fought. Unfortunately, I believe that the end doesn't always justify the means. As Ian Boyne said in Sunday's Gleaner, he has the support of a lot of other people. Guess what? So did Adolf Hitler. So, as we sometimes say here in Jamaica, Me nuh join dat!!! (I refuse to be a part of a group that is wrong simply because it feels good to be part of the group!) Possibly Mr. Boyne should visit http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/pages/amnesty/. That page contains the report of the pathologist tasked by Amnesty International to observe the autopsies of the seven men killed in Braeton. Men killed by the CMU, headed by S.S.P. Adams... Then he should write in next Sunday's Gleaner and tell the nation if we should disregard that report, and why. As far as I know, Amnesty International is an international body, and as such should be relatively impartial. If they are against any one Jamaican political party, I would think that this would be based on their record of abuse of human rights, rather than some other political interest, and this is why I am inclined to trust what they have to say. Also, the report of the Gleaner reporter who lived a few houses away from the house where the men were killed as to what he heard was particularly chilling. Click on the link to read it. There have been many suggestions of wrongdoing for some of the other killings attributed to Mr. Adam's CMU, but I don't have enough information on them to form an opinion. And as I have said elsewhere in my blog, when you're on the firing range, it is hard not to at least want to support Adams. But the information I have read re the Braeton issue gives me serious cause for concern, and makes me wonder what really went on with the many other incidents attributed to the CMU. Because of that one incident, I simply cannot support SSP Adams. Sometimes the right path is the hardest to follow... and the loneliest. So again, I say "Me nuh join dat!".

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