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Saturday, 2001/12/29 06:38:03 AM - [Link Back]
Again, I'm up early... this time, the coffee has already been quaffed. You know, I really love coffee with creamer and sugar, it rocks, but its bad for the heart, so I've stopped drinking it that way. I find I don't like it nearly as much with sugar and milk, or with condensed milk... Maybe I'll remove it from my daily routine. Anyway, I reflect.

Already, I've been to several sites, some of which were interesting. Some were interesting because of design, some because of content... a couple for both... All in all a good morning scouring the weblog universe.

Now, let me tell you of my thoughts on some of the things I have seen... I have quickly come to despise quizzes. A lot of bloggers are doing them and posting the results to their blogs... Well, its their blog, but it seems to me to be a cop out. If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything. I've done two myself, but I won't do anymore, unless its a really outstanding quiz. I'm not saying don't do the quizzes, just don't post the results.

I'm getting a bit jealous of some of these blogs I'm encountering. I want to use comments on my site too. I have been investigating cgi_comments, but the cgi setup at Tripod is a bit strange. The test perl script runs, but it cant see the perl module CGI, although its in the same directory with it. The same exact script runs elsewhere... (** shrug **) I guess more digging is required. I will just feel more of a sense of accomplishment when I get the bugger working.

Ok, I've noticed something else. Much of life is tawdry and dull, or at least, not outstanding. Many blogs contain lots of routine, normal entries which entertain you for a while only, and eventually you will move on out of boredom. (mine is no exception to that, by the way). Thats why the occasional gems that you find are so inspiring and rewarding. Anyway, I spotted just such a delicious morsel, and thought I'd share it with you : Knock yourself out! Check out this entry at akacooties.

Now I really hope you'll check it out. I've noticed that a lot of people will read a blog entry and blow right past the links in the entry. Y'all know who you are. When you do that, sometimes you're missing out on the essence of the entry, and maybe on an even more interesting bit of info. I implore you, check out at least some of the links whenever you read blog entries, and check out this one in particular. Oh, and why won't you sign my guest book... Oonoo sign di %$#@*/ guestbook nuh? Nuff said. I'll let you get on with your lives...

Thursday, 2001/12/28 05:00:27 AM - [Link Back]
Yeah, I'm up already... Coffee is on, I'm listening to the good old percolator noises going, the gurgling, clicking noises... Familiar. Another day, another dollar. I reflect.

When I was little, I used to sleep in a single bed, but there was lots of room, because I was little. I slept in such a bed comfortably until I was about 23 or 24. Then I began to sleep at my girlfriends house. I was still comfortable, most of the time. She had two single beds and we used to push them together. As long as you went to bed to sleep you were alright. Once you were doing anything related to more than one person (hugging, making love, rubbing her back, etc.), you had to deal with The Crack (where you pushed the two beds together). The Crack made this arrangement a bit uncomfortable. Eventually, we got married, and we got a queen sized bed. I don't advise anyone to get a queensized bed. It can work, but its just a bit too small. Limits the range of bedroom acrobatics y'all can get up to somewhat, if you know what I mean.

We eventually stepped up to a kingsized bed when MB Jr. was born. It was great. There was acres of room. We have enjoyed this state of bed-size bliss up to the present time. Now Natty and I share the bed with MB. Jr. I loved him being in the bed. I actually was the one who took him out of the crib and brought him into the bed with us. It was really cool... But, unfortunately, every fruit has its season. You see, there is a fatal flaw to this arrangement. MB. Jr keeps growing. The kingsized bed that was so large a year ago is now too small. Why, he nearly stuck my eye out while moving around in his sleep just this morning. We're going to have to get a bed for him. We need to find rails for the bed too, apparently. Where in blue blazes does one find that? Anyway, MB. Jr. is going to have to take the first major step toward becoming an adult. He is going to have to start sleeping in his own bed. Boy, isn't he going to be pissed!

Thursday, 2001/12/27 07:44:34 PM - [Link Back]
Hey, I saw where some people had created a webpage which linked you to the favourite posts from their blog. They judged them to be the favorite posts by the number of times the entries had been read by their site's visitors. I thought I'd copy them, only I'm not yet sure how they got the info necessary to do it. I guess their web hosts give them statistics on page views by each entry. I don't have that info... Still, I wanted to give you all a nice gift for Christmas, so I decided to put a different spin on it and give y'all access to my favourite blog entries! Yup, I went through my own archives and critiqued them myself. I then put them on my "Postings List" page. I plan to update it regularly with my current favourites. By now, you must be beside yourselves with joy. Anyway, eventually I hope to allow you to vote on your favourites and reflect the results there. For now, enjoy them.

Now, I'd like to big up somebody... She has endured much over this Christmas! She was thrown off her web server (for the second time). She got depressed. She considered chucking it all. But you know what? After a brief period of self pity, she threw off that apathetic feeling and she has taken the bull by the horn. (No, thats not what I meant. Y'all have got some filthy minds. ) She has moved her stuff to another server and you know what. I prefer her new look! And theres more in the works! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ONE, the ONLY HOSTILE REDHEAD! The HOSTILE REDHEAD, ladies and gentleman! Show her some love! (click the link to her new page, stupid )

Tuesday, 2001/12/25 11:04:44 PM - [Link Back]
We had a very successful Christmas morn. MB. Jr. got some nice presents, but he did have his favorite. Natty went out and bought a very nice locomotive for MB. Jr. Take a look at it. It drives around by itself, it takes different routes to go around obstacles, it has a loud train's whistle and makes noises simulating running on tracks, it has a bright headlight and it emits "steam" from its... "stack", I guess you could call it. MB. Jr. absolutely loved it. The first time he heard it's horn, he went crazy! This really is his first Christmas where he understands whats going on, and as a result of the locomotive, "Santa Claus" is his close personal buddy now!

The locomotive is a big battery buster. It simply eats batteries for breakfast... I've decided that both MB. Jr. and I will derive some utility from the locomotive. He can play with it, while I am going to use it to perform an experiment. I will use different brands of batteries in it each time its refilled, say Duracell first, Energiser second, etc. and then tell you which brand really is best! Lets see if that "doggoned wabbit" really keeps on going and going and going...

My sister-in-law gave me three Stephen King novels as a gift. I really used to love his earlier books ("Carrie", "The Stand", "Kujo", and "Pet Sematary" are good examples ) "Salem's Lot" was my absolute favorite. Then for a while, his books started to annoy me (a good example is "Thinner", and the others were so nondescript, I don't even remember their names. ) and I simply stopped reading his books. Some time after, I heard that he had gone through a period of drug addiction. I assumed that that was what had happened to those books. It really made a difference in the quality of his writing. I heard that he had triumphed over his drug problem, and I hope it'll show in these books. Have any of you read "Rose Madder", "Insomnia", or "Delores Claiborne"? Drop me a line and let me know if they are worth a read nuh? (please) I really don't have time to waste.

Monday, 2001/12/24 10:46:43 PM - [Link Back]
I'm would like to wish all the people who visit this site a holy, happy Christmas. Yeah, you'll give and get lots of presents, you'll eat lots of food, drink large volumes of alcohol, and party your asses off. These are good things, make no mistake. At the same time, take a little time out to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ.

Spend at least five minutes to reflect on how lucky you are to be enjoying the Christmas. As I write, Portland and St. Mary are facing an onslaught (more rain). Some flooding is going on, and some kids are going to have a wet, miserable Christmas. Pray for them.

Again, have a great Christmas. If y'all drink, don't drive.

Monday, 2001/12/24 07:02:49 AM - [Link Back]
I can see where I'm going to have to implement a true comments system. I wonder if there are any such tools out there? Just for comments, I mean... Shower me with your suggestions nuh? Pleeeaaase?

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