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Sunday, 2002/01/06 12:20:00 PM - [Link Back]
Check out the comments nuh baby!The comments system is now up (albeit in beta) courtesy of the YACCS System from rateyourmusic.com. Now you have a chance to just click one link and write what you think of me or of my latest post to the Blog. Use the link. Let me know what you think...
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Friday, 2002/01/04 10:28:00 PM - [Link Back]
The New Year represents Opportunity, baby!Take a look at this! The Weblog Review has finally reviewed my site. They gave me a 4, based mostly on my content, because they weren't overly impressed by the page design, and you know what? I agree with them. I would never say I was a designer, but given a good design, I can implement it. I guess I've never been the artsy fartsy type. Sheggy, now, she is good at design. I will have to prevail upon her to come up with a better look for the blog soon. Anyway, check out my review, and remember, you can vote for my site yourself... They rate sites from 1 to 5. Read up on how they score and then vote for a score for my site too. Let your voice be heard. Click here

Yesterday I mentioned resolutions... Heres another. I plan to stop going to work late. Why? Because being late is evil! Click here to see why...
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Wednesday, 2002/01/04 05:25:38 AM - [Link Back]
The New Year represents Opportunity, baby!Well, the New Year is already four days old and I'm just now coming up with some resolutions. Better late than never, right? Doesn't the New Year represent new opportunity for us to dedicate ourselves to change something for the better? Let me lay one of my resolutions on you now. This year, I want to pare some pounds from my waist. I want to eat more healthy foods and get more exercise.. Lets see how I do with that one. I haven't done a drop of exercise since the year started! Tch tch... poor start.

Seems UPS was able to get the software (mentioned in the previous post) shipped. Its due to arrive in the island today. Now lets see if the Borg (Jamaican Customs) allow it to be cleared early enough to be delivered to me today.

Well, between November 21 and midnight of December 31st, I got 588 hits on this Blog. Although the counters were added late in the day, I'll just call that the number of hits for 2001. Low number, huh? Lets hope 2002 is a great year for the blog too... See ya!
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Thursday, 2002/01/03 06:13:27 PM - [Link Back]
I hear they're having some wicked snow storms up there in the U.S. Pschaw, whats that to me? I'm here in sunny Jamaica, experiencing 85 to 90 degree days, am I right? WRONG!!!I'm working on this project at work. I'm responsible for all the technical aspects of the project. We're about to start training, having invited down the trainers, set up the training sites, etc. and now we need to install the database software... which by the way is on the ground in the U.S.... And we can't start training without that software. I tell you, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Global events DO affect what happens in whatever region you're in, and you've got to consider that whenever you're making plans, you know what I'm saying?
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Wednesday, 2002/01/02 09:48:00 PM - [Link Back]
Can you imagine paying US$170 to go to a party? Its a bit on the edge for me, but thats what I did. Natty and I went to the Frenchmen New Year's Day party. Its held at a pretty big house in the Jacks Hill area (nice house, dude!). For that money you get plentiful drinks, tons of food, (lobster, shrimp, and other stuff, all delicious) and the opportunity to mingle with some of the best looking people in Jamaica (trust me, there were foxes aplenty, both male and female)! The party vibe was high. My major problem there was that the Frenchmen (so called because they started out giving some famous parties at Frenchmen's Cove way back in the day) were giving out good havana cigars at the party, and every Tom, Dick and Harry was lighting up, and I didn't like the smell much, but all I had to do was move to another location and there, problem solved. In the words of Francois (Fame FM), "A good time was had by all"! When I decided to go, I thought it would just be a one time experience, but now I feel that it could become a yearly event for me. We'll see...
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Tuesday, 2002/01/01 03:33:51 PM - [Link Back]
Natty has this old jewellery box that she no longer uses, with some old fake jewellery in it. MB. Jr. got his hands on this loot and was playing with it. Natty was glad for the respite from MB. Jr.'s constant demands for attention, so she let him play with it. Dr. D happened to drop by while MB. Jr. was playing with it. At first he was surprised that Natty had let MB. Jr. at the jewellery box, but after watching him for awhile he decided that he wasn't being destructive or anything. Eventually he took off his own (NOT CHEAP) ring and gave him to play with. I left the room to make a couple of drinks and when I returned, I heard Dr. D. say "You threw away the ring??!!??". MB. Jr. smiled up at him angelically and said "Mmmm Hmmm...", as though this clearly was the natural order of things. The funny part was Dr. D. gave him the ring before he had even had his first drink, can you believe it?
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Monday, 2001/12/31 01:51:31 PM - [Link Back]
What a weekend! Prior to this weekend, my Christmas was fairly quiet. Friday night, I went to sleep, as I had been waking up really early and going to bed late during the week. On Saturday, I went to two things. A friend of mine is getting married, and the I guess his wife-to-be forbade a stag party. Instead, they merged the stag party with the customary shower (I guess you could call it a "Shag" party). The food was really good, and the co-ed shower games were interesting. (Let me tell you, every woman there was sleek and fit. Not an ounce of extra weight on any of the women there, not even the parents of the bride and groom to be, or even the parents' relatives or friends. Hard to believe, huh?) The other event was the "Night Flight 003" party put on by the Air Jamaica Pilots. It was an Oldies Party featuring music from the '70's, 80's and 90's. The party had potential but it was never realised, unfortunately, as the DJ's spun some really foolish music! . Still, the party was extremely packed, I'm sure they had about two thousand people there, and I had drinks with lots of friends I hadn't seen for a long time, so I had fun anyway.

During this season, most Jamaican's visit with family, where they eat and drink in copious amounts and chat and hang out, or as some Caribbean people say, lime. I was no exception. I went to my cousin's and to Natty's cousin's to dinner on Sunday. I had a lot of fun, even if it was a pretty busy weekend. Tonight, several of us are going up to Sheggy's to bring in the New Year, then tomorrow, I am to go to another cousin's for brunch, then to the (expected-to-be-fabulous) Frenchmen Party. I'll tell you all about that party after the fact.

So, New Year's is upon us, and it finds Natty, MB. Jr. and I sick. Natty and I have colds, and MB. Junior has an ear infection. What a way to start the year, eh? Anyway, y'all have a great time tonight and have a Happy New Year!!! May you attain at least the more important of your dreams in the coming year. Bye, everyone.
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