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Sunday, 2002/01/13 01:23:18 AM - [Link Back]
Theme: Mad, Bad and Wikid in Bed.

Talking sexy in bed is what separates the Bad Girls from the merely bold, baby. Use the script below next time you're in the mood and guage the results for yourself...

I've been thinking about your hands on my (noun) all day. Can I put your hand there myself? Your fingers are so strong. I love how their slight roughness feels against the silkiness of my (noun). I'm getting (adjective). Can you feel it? (Verb) me again; just like you just did. Do you mind if I (verb) your (noun)? I'd really like to. Actually, I need to. Actually, if I don't, I may just go out of my mind. Give it to me. Give me your (adjective) (noun). Put it in my (noun). Do you like that? I like it. I like it a lot. In fact, I love it. You're getting so (adjective). Touch my (noun). Look what you're doing to me. I'm going to (verb) my (noun) so that you can (verb) me there. Just like that. Just like that. Give me more. I need more. Touch my (noun) while you (verb) me. Feel my (noun). It feels so good. Your (noun) feels so good. Your (noun) tastes so good. Does my (noun) taste good? Tell me how good it tastes. You're driving me crazy. I'm ready for your (noun). Can I have it? Can I have it now? Oh yes. Thank you. Thank you. My (noun) is on fire. If you touch it I might ... You're like a (noun) of (noun) inside me. I can't take much more. I'm close to (verb)-ing. (Verb) with me. I want to (verb) with you. It's close; it's so close. (Verb) me harder. Faster. Deeper. Harder.

Via Skittish Girl
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Saturday, 2002/01/12 09:10:47 AM - [Link Back]
My day yesterday was pretty hectic! They are killing me with work! Notice I didn't post anything Thursday or yesterday? I was at work from 8:15 AM Thursday until 1:30 AM Friday. I went back in Friday at 8:15 AM again and didn't leave till 9:00 PM last night, and I'm supposed to go in today. This is a most inauspicious way to start the New Year. Here in Jamaica, it is said that what you do at the start of the year is an indicator of what you'll be doing for the whole year. Whats the cutoff point for "the start of the year", I wonder? Maybe I should be worried... Trust me, I've been going through the software upgrade from
HELL!!! I was supposed to go and look at a problem on a computer for Seven Thursday and Friday, but really couldn't make it. Maybe I can fit it in today... Sorry, Seven.

By the way, I just joined the Blog Snob Community. This means that I will be displaying a random link to someone else's blog. Everytime you come back, there will be a link to a different blog. This will allow you to take a look at all different kinds of blogs, not just at ones I went to and liked. It will allow you to get a better look at all thats "bloggity". Have fun with it now, okay... Oh, by the way, I went on a little ride, just clicking on the Blog Snob links to see where it took me. Heres where it took me

Digital Love 2.0
Lost by an echo
Vicious Thinks
Gina Snowdoll

I'm posting this "in celebration" of having joined Blog Snob.
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Wednesday, 2002/01/09 06:32:40 PM - [Link Back]
You know that crime and violence is really getting bad in Jamaica when a man can't even go to check his Obeah Woman again... Actually, its not really funny. People were killed after all. But to believe people would go into an area known as a "warzone" to check their obeah woman?!? At least call her first to find out if its ok to come, nuh bredrin? What is Obeah, you ask? Click here to find out.
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Tuesday, 2002/01/08 08:56:48 AM - [Link Back]
AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!Normally I agree with most of what T-Rob has to say, but with regard to one aspect of his article in Sunday's Observer, I think he has missed the boat rather badly. In the article, he bemoans the loss of the more gentlemanly aspects of national behavior, and rightly so, but with regard to some aspects of telephone etiquette, ME NUH JOIN DAT! (I strongly disagree). He is right, generally speaking, when you call on the phone, you shouldn't be kept waiting, UNLESS the person taking the call has people lined up in front of them waiting to be served.

Sometimes the person who is dealing with you will take as many as three or four calls and service them all to completion while they are dealing with you (This frequently happens to me ). You are forced to wait on these four people, all because you were silly enough to present yourself at the institution, while they, the lazier (albeit smarter) ones simply sat at home and exercised only their fingers and their gums. Its not right, I tell you, the caller on the phone has to be made to wait too!

Trust me, in this day of cellular phones, what will soon occur is that a person will enter an institution and upon seeing the line, will simply draw his cell phone out and call in, and in effect cut in on you in the line, and theres not a damned thing you can do about it. And yeah, that pisses me off! Its just disturbing...
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Monday, 2002/01/07 09:21:53 PM - [Link Back]
What decisions are you making now to ensure you aren't in this position tomorrow?Sometimes things seem to be running well, so much so that you can get lulled into a sense of false security. You've got to watch out for that, especially in today's flagging economy. I mean, think about it. If the average person were to lose their job today, how long could they hang on while waiting for a new job, especially if they don't have anyone to help them.... I mean, I read somewhere, most people are two to three paycheques away from the poverty line, you know... When you see someone like the lady in the picture, it ought to stir you to make plans to ensure you don't end up like her, poor, hungry and homeless. Nuff said. Now I have just got to heed my own warning, don't I?
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