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Sunday, 2002/01/20 11:33:33 PM - [Link Back]
Waaahhh?!?Guess what? I forgot my mother's birthday. I am in the doghouse... It was Friday, and now its Sunday. She didn't even call me to cuss me out earlier, she waited to cuss me in person, so you done know seh she vex. (you just know shes angry.) To make matters worse, I discovered that my uncle (my mom's brother) is pissed off with me too. He believes I don't like him, because I don't go to visit or call him when I'm in Florida, which can be seen as fairly often. Co-incidentally, mum is pissed off about this too.

Why don't I visit him? He left Jamaica (like the vast majority of my cousins) when I was fairly young , probably less than thirteen. I guess I just dont feel that close to him so that I'd want to visit him whenever I'm in Florida. Actually, I scarcely visit any of my cousins, even the ones that live here in Jamaica. I wonder how many other people operate like that, and why they are like that? Am I wierd or are there plenty of other people who're like me?
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Saturday, 2002/01/19 07:41:55 PM - [Link Back]
Lots of clouds out tonight... You can scarcely see any stars, but the night is wonderfully cool. MB. Jr., Bad Boy and I are hanging out. You can tell some time has passed, because a lot of Bad Boy's rough edges are being polished away. He sure isn't as rough as he used to be. Don't get me wrong, he still runs the complex, but he isn't using force as much to keep his subjects in order. I guess his mom's been doing some good work, and for this I am grateful. A BIG UP! goes out to Bad Boy's Mom. Wow!!! He just told me thanks for opening a bag of candy for him. There is a God!

Just so you can get to know more about me, I am going to answer a few questions about myself. Here we go...

What is your favorite hot beverage?
Thats easy, Blue Mountain Coffee.

When meeting a new person to whom you are physically attracted, what is the first thing you notice about their body?
Hmmm. I guess I'd have to say the physical feature(s) that attracted me in the first place. I don't think I am overly partial to any particular body type or part, so the most attractive feature is what I'd notice first. With some women its the legs, with some its the butt, with some its the breasts, with some the face, and with some its the whole package! If I'm to be truthful though, the hips and the bottom have to be at least up to a certain standard. No one other feature can override that.

What was the best year of your life?
It'd be a lot easier to give you a period of my life. I think the best year would be within the period 1983 - 1995, but it'd be difficult to single out one year. I'd like to think that my best years are still ahead of me though...

What was the worst year of your life?
1999, but the less said about that, the better.

Ok, those questions I lifted off a site somewhere, can't remember which. If you like y'all can pose your own questions... Maybe I'll even answer them, so give it a whirl. Anyway, we're here hanging... drop by and chat if you like. (By that I mean "leave a comment nuh? And it doesn't only have to be for this entry... Don't be afraid, I don't bite.")
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Thursday, 2002/01/17 06:11:01 PM - [Link Back]

The Grammys are upon us. Now I believe that I know a little something about Reggae music, so I will attempt to predict who'll win in that category. Imagine you're watching the Grammys right now "And the nominees are: Damian (Junior Gong) Marley for the album 'Half Way Tree', Beres Hammond for 'Music is Life', Luciano for 'A New Day', Kymani Marley for 'Many More Roads' and 'Island Warriors' by many artists... ( here theres a pause pregnant with anticipation... Personally, I think that the Grammy MUST go to either Junior Gong or Beres Hammond. Both put out excellent albums. Hey, I even bought one of them, and yard man (Jamaicans) rarely buy music, unless they have a set playing out at parties and dances, so you done know... anyway, the moment has arrived, check it out) And the Grammy goes to... Beres Hammond! Hey, the possibility that the real thing can go differently does exist, even though its remote. After all, the Grammy selectors may not know as much about reggae music as I do, seen?

Hey, if you're Jamaican, (even if you're not) you might like to see a site that reviews parties, dances and coming events in Jamaica. Its got lots of pictures of revellers, you might know some... Check it out here.
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Wednesday, 2002/01/16 11:50:47 PM - [Link Back]
What a day?!?Today I was lucky, I think... I got a traffic ticket over the Christmas season from a copper who was feeling anything but the Christmas Spirit... Although he clearly felt it was a good time to be giving. I was supposed to pay it by the Tax Office by January 5th, but I got there the Monday after (yeah, I've been busy), and they wouldn't accept payment. This meant that I had to go to court. I was supposed to attend court yesterday, but y'all know the crapload of work pressure I've been up to recently. I missed that too. Suddenly I had become a fugitive from Justice... Natty called a lawyer friend who put us on to a traffic court lawyer friend of hers. She managed to get things straightened out for me . Now, I don't have to worry that they'll come for me Friday evening and lock me up for the weekend because I haven't paid my fine. If you only knew what our prisons and lockups are like... Its a load off my mind, I tell you. I've decided to write my next essay on some problems we face in Jamaica regarding our legal system. Does it provide Justice? Check it out when it is ready and see.... Check back here for the link to it.
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Monday, 2002/01/14 07:28:35 PM - [Link Back]
What a day?!?The late, great Peter Tosh put out a song entitled "Buckingham Palace" long ago. It's chorus went like this: "Light up yu spliff, light up your chalice, We ago smoke it inna Buckingham Palace"... I wonder if Prince Harry could have been listening to him? Hmmm... You think? I guess many of us used to drink and/or smoke when we were teens. If we got caught, we would have been dealt with similarly by our parents, I guess, but the worldwide attention... whew. These kids and teens in the limelight have it rough sometimes. Everybody is watching them. Everybody has something to say when "teenagers will be teenagers", you know what I mean...

The Economist Magazine has out this article in their latest issue titled "Crime without punishment in the Caribbean" where they posit that Jamaican police are "clumsy and poorly trained". They must have been reading stuff in my blog, I just know it!

Does Powerful always equate to Complex? In my few free moments yesterday, I downloaded a Blog Tool called GreyMatter. I have a PC at work with the Apache Webserver configured with PHP, MySQL, and perl capabilities, so I loaded up GreyMatter on it and BOOM there is this powerful little blogging tool... I quite like it. It seems to be pretty powerful, but along with that power comes a fair measure of complexity. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Most of the time these two attributes seem to appear together. (sigh) As we say here in Jamaica, "If you waan come good, you nose haffi run." (If you want to have the good things, you're gonna have to work for them.) Guess I'm going to have to roll up my sleeves and get a bit dirty....
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