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Archived Log - From 2001/01/28 to 2002/02/01

Friday, 2002/02/01 06:08:43 AM - [Link Back]
January is over. While it is not the worst month that I've been through, there are not much good things to speak of when I look back over the month...
On the local front

  • The gunmen have been working away with a firm resolve (70 killed over 31 days).

On the personal front, there have been numerous problems.
  • Re work, (the software install from hell)
  • Re family (for example, sister falling down the stairs,etc)
  • In transport, (car problems galore)
. On the international scene, many troubling things occurred, for example
  • the Enron fiasco
  • India's nuclear missile test.

I guess that the best thing I can say about it all is "Goodbye January! Hello, February...". Lets hope this month is better.
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Thursday, 2002/01/31 10:17:09 PM - [Link Back]
Stun guns, baybee!Have you seen the new consumer model taser? Sexy, in'nit? Whew! I saw a picture of it in Newsweek. When I look at it, I want one, but from what I read, the coppers (from the U.S., who use it) say they rarely use it because it's difficult to use, or not effective. They find themselves reaching for their pepper spray more often. A second argument against it is it's size. That MUST be difficult to hide, and for an immobiliser type of weapon, to be effective, one often needs the element of surprise. Still, if its used right, it must be a hell of a deterrent - 50,000 volts of electricity. They say it causes extreme pain, and immobilises the victim for up to a minute. Here, go to the website. I read where "dozens of volunteers" lined up to feel the taser's wrath in hopes of winning their own taser... Trust me, there are some strange people in this world.
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Tuesday, 2002/01/29 04:28:49 PM - [Link Back]
You know, I had to search for a document in that pile of garbage that is my desk, and so took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning and to try to impart a brilliant system designed to keep the clutter away forever - guess what it is? File folders, cabinets, etc. What else? Anyway, while going through the detritus accumulated over the years (at least it seems that way), I found many many little scraps of paper with phone numbers, contact information, notes to myself and other little bits of information, and it occurred to me that much of my life is scattered all over my desk on these little notes. If someone were investigating me, all they'd need is access to the papers on my desk (and, I guess, to this weblog). There is not much they'd not be privy to. Yes sir, as with many people, the facts are hidden there in plain sight, on paper lying around in various offices. No wonder those scoundrels connected with Enron were shredding everything they could lay their hands on.... Wait a minute... What a segue... Damn, I'm good.

Y'all heard about Enron, right? That l'il company thats been in the news so much recently. And I'm sure you've heard about all the shenanigans that have been going on there, nuh true? (Right?) Why do I ask? Well, as far as I can tell, Enron was in the "energy broker" business. They bought and sold energy, apparently. They were the biggest player in that market, and as far as I can see, they were in bed with everybody. They weren't the only player in that market however. From what I hear, (now don't quote me, I may well have misheard or misunderstood what I heard) the second biggest fish in that market was Mirant Corporation. Mirant Corporation recently bought out the Jamaican power company. Yessir, the Jamaican Government had so mismanaged the economy that they had to be selling out everything of value we had. They basically reduced Jamaica to the level of a crack whore, having to sell off everything of value she owned to buy that which she needs so desperately.

But I digress. Mirant Corporation bought the Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. back in March last year. Back then, their share prices were relatively high. Back in November of 2001, their share prices were going for $28.90 per share. Today, the low was $8.00+. At three o'clock, the share prices prevailing were $9.64. What has caused this drop in share prices? Why, the shenanigans at Enron, of course. Because of the Enron fiasco, the market is leery of anything to do with that industry. I don't think any firm in that field is getting good ratings from the likes of Standard and Poor, and so people are scrambling over themselves to let go of a good stock for little and nothing. I'd say that this would be a good time for a shrewd player to make his move. Get in while prices are low and sell later when they rise, (as I believe they inevitably will).

I guess that Mirant may have to sell off some of their holdings to get through this period, but I believe they will get through it. I just wonder who'll be the shrewd player who'll make millions when the stock price rises... I guess I'll just have to wait and see. By the way, I'm in the market for a loan myself. I'm going to try to borrow about J$300,000,000. Maybe I'll soon be "changing Jamaican lives with my energy"...
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