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Wednesday, 2001/09/19 10:38:12 AM
You know, I've been reading this novel by Tom Clancy, and it occurred to me that the last book I read by him, (don't remember the name, but it was in 1999, I think) was about a war between Japan and America, a war that started with the Japanese crashing an airliner into the White House, taking out half the government of the US. This author is awesome. He gets a lot of the real info about weapons and technology and military capability in the US and puts it in his books, so much so that I heard that the US military wanted to get his first book (The Hunt for Red October) banned under the Official Secrets Act. I wonder if the terrorists read Tom Clancy, maybe? Possibly the US National Security Agency should. Then maybe they might have had a plan to protect themselves from what happened with bin Laden's terrorist attack on the US. Just a thought...

On another note, here are some highlights of the Tampa visit:

Oak trees are nice to look at, they often house squirrels (also nice to look at), and live for many, many years. On the other hand, those suckers can really shed leaves and branches. If you want your garden to look nice, you have a lot of work ahead of you if you have more than two oaks at home (all of the gardens in the area I was staying in had about 5-6 oaks per garden, and you cannot cut them down by law... This translates to nuff work. I know, because I helped my brother-in-law clean up his garden after the tropical storm hit. You've got to weigh their pros with their cons, baby.

Went to Busch Gardens to show the Lil Bull the animals. He saw chimps, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, different kinds of deer and birds, elephants (one of his favorites), alligators, dolphins and many other animals. My brother-in-law and I enjoyed one of the roller coaster rides (Kumba).

All in all, we had a lot of fun in Tampa.

Monday, 2001/09/17 11:07:53 PM
P. Diddy himselfSo, what y'all think about Puff Daddy. Look how the man has changed his name to P. Diddy. Whats up with that? Puff Daddy is a stupid sounding name, but P.Diddy is far worse. A thought just struck me... Could it be his real name? Probably not, if it were, he'd hide it, because when you hear the name P. Diddy, you begin to conjure up all kind of pictures of the person wearing that name in your mind and none of them are flattering. What could move a man to do something like that? I have a couple of theories about that. Check it out...
The first scenario is that Puffy really is a stupid guy and actually likes these names. This scenario could be likely, since a lot of the stuff you read would indicate that he may have a few screws loose...

The second scenario goes like this: Puffy is a really, really bad bad man. Since he's so bad, he can afford to call himself anything he likes, because no-one can mock him about it. When you're that bad, its possible you might like to demonstrate it to yourself by giving yourself a really stupid name, and deriving your amusement from the fact that no-one dares to laugh in your face when they're calling you that. Its possible, but is it probable? I think not! (plus, I don't think Puffy's all that bad, either).

J.LoMy final hypothesis is a combination of the first (because he had the Puff Daddy name before he met her, didn't he?) and the fact the J. Lo must have addled his brains. I think this one is the most likely, don't you? Still, she'd have to be every bit as hot as she looks, for her to have that strong an effect on him. Imagine... she just ups and leaves him, and he loses his mind. I really believe this one, because Puff Daddy and Puffy Coombs are far preferable to P. Diddy and its not hard to believe that shes every bit as hot as she looks. Look at her, shes REAL Anyway, its got to be that or the first option, 'cause the second one doesn't seem very likely. So, what do y'all think? J. Lo drive the man loco, or what?

Saturday, 2001/09/15 08:58:27 AM
Had trouble logging in to Tripod again... Sigh. Lets not dwell on it though.

Today we drove up to Tampa. Bucaneer Country. Its a drive I've done before. I found it a bit tedious going there the first time as we went through absolutely the worst rain I've ever driven through. The going was slow, and I could literally see only the taillights of the car immediately in front of me. Of course, no-one slowed down very much, so I guess everyone assumed it was best to follow the taillights up front and just hope that the person in front of the entire line knew what the hell he was doing. It was pretty frightening.

I remember the trip coming back because it was the first time I had ever taken a car up to 100 MPH. It was an '89 Honda Civic CRX and it was really irie (wonderful) to drive.

The trip today was uneventful, but it was nice. Lots of pretty trees. Lots of water. Florida seems to be like the human body. Made up mostly of water, it seems. We went through St. Petersburg, over this huge bridge across Tampa Bay (at least, it's huge by Jamaican standards). Interesting stuff. I heard that three people recently went bungee jumping from the top of the bridge (illegally) and the straps broke, and two of them died and one was severely injured from the impact with the water below, so it must be pretty high. I went to bed late last PM, so I slept for about an hour on the trip.

We're staying at my brother-in-law's house. Its an old house, a fixer-upper. Apparently its in an area which was recently designated as a historical site or something and the property values are climbing because of it. Its a nice house. Its in a nice little area densely populated by trees. There are squirrils and racoons, along with the usual dogs and cats. They excited my son, as all his story books speak of these animals but he's never seen them. In fact, the squirril climbed up a tall tree and vanished into something resembling a nest. My son wanted to see more of it, so he was telling me to climb the tree and show it to him We went and bought a few things and came back to settle in for the night. Anyways, I've got to run. More anon...

ps. Hey, there are opossums too. Cool. And the people around here don't have ordinary dogs, here they've got Alaskan Malamutes and such delights! Beg Pardon sar...

Friday, 2001/09/14 09:11:46 PM
Wow! It happens everytime. You plan out what you're going to buy, but when you're there, you end up buying something else. I've been here a week now, and when I was planning the trip, the plan was to buy clothes for my wife and myself, and for the baby. We've bought stuff for the baby, and I've gotten some shoes, but not a lick of clothes has been bought for my wife or myself. I don't know what she's bought herself, but I know my computer book collection has grown. What to do?

I guess I have to go back to my plan now... sigh...

Friday, 2001/09/14 08:21:25 AM
My God! Whats up at Tripod? I've been trying to update my site from last night but I've been having no ends of problems logging in and using Tripod's tools for updating websites. I guess the terrorist attack on America has spurred a lot of people to update their sites at Tripod, or a wicked and vengeful demon from hell has been goading me by preventing me from updating my site. AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!! And no, I am not hopped up on space coke or something. Anyway, I finally succeeded. He who perseveres wins!

Thursday, 2001/09/13 09:02:38 PM
Well, as we say in Ja., Nuff Respec' to wifey! Big up! Yes sir, I have come to a new-found respect for my wife, as I have had to spend all day with my son, in good times and in bad. She stays home with him all day, every day, and has to go through his temper tantrums, throwing things (like food in a restaurant), etc. all the time. When you do that all the time, it can grate on your nerves. Because prior to this I have only had to deal with this stuff in small doses, it looked trivial, but believe me, it isn't.

I guess the change in environment is affecting him, plus he certainly isn't accustomed to being on the road as much as he has the last few days. Today he was really going on like a terrorist though. I was tempted to hand him over to the U.S. as Assama bin Laden

Anyway, big up to wifey again.

Thursday, 2001/09/13 05:08:50 PM
Late post for yesterday. Actually, I spent the time I would have used posting last night investigating how to use the tool BLOGGER to update my blog page. I've partially gotten it working. I am able to use blogger to update a site, but the way it's presently configured, it uses its own template files to build the html page. I need to configure it to use my files. I understand it can be done. Anyway, for any of you readers who are contemplating building a blog yourself, blogger may well be for you... Check it out...

Tuesday, 2001/09/11 06:35:16 PM
OK, so she heard from her son... What I said earlier still stands

They need to be gotten rid of...

Tuesday, 2001/09/11 03:37:09 PM
So, guess how we spent the day... Watching the news, thats how. Channel hopping, examining each station's footage, looking at the event from all angles. Watching the people jumping out of the windows, watching the building crumble and fall. Watching the second plane crash into the second tower.

Imagine one woman, far away from New York, at home fixing a snack. Her son calls, all excited. A plane has smashed into the World Trade Center. Until recently he actually worked there. Now his company has moved office to the building next door.

Imagine the son excitedly telling her to watch the news. Then the second plane struck. This was no random accident. Her son calls again, telling her about it, although she's seeing it on the news. He rings off, but she continues to watch, because she is very worried for her son. His proximity to the attack zone worries her.

This is her first son. The son who she she delivered. The son who's bottom she had to clean, whose nose she had to wipe when he had a cold. The son she had to help with his homework. The son she watched grow up. Attend high school. Go to the prom. The son she raised, who went off to university, who excelled. He went into Information Technology, went to work for a firm that did consultancy. He moved away from home, first to a nearby city, then to New York, to a very nice job. The son she loved, the son she was proud of.

Imagine that woman as she watched the Twin Towers crumble, with her son probably in the building next door, or out in the street nearby, watching. Imagine that woman not hearing from her son after that for hours.

Maybe she's heard from him by now, I don't know yet. But for this woman, for the fear and stress she had to go through. For those who were in the towers, for their families and friends. For those whose family members were on the jets used to launch the attack. For all those people, I hope they find the people responsible for this act.

They need to be gotten rid of...

Saturday, 2001/09/08 11:14:15 PM
Hmmm, lets see. Went to Sheggy's dad's funeral. It wasn't one of those bawly-bawly affairs. Don't get me wrong, there was some crying, but for the most part, I think they all accepted that their father was dying, and were glad that his period of suffering was over. Respect to Robin for the eulogy, he did great.

Flew out to Ft. Lauderdale today. It was a decent flight, my son didn't give much trouble, niether did my wife. I was a little worried that maybe someone would plant some drugs in my bags, because they couldn't be locked properly. As soon as we came off the plane, sho' nuff, there was some airport official with a sniffer dog. But there were no untoward events. Not for us anyway. Two white American ladies were on the flight, and as soon as they came through the door, the dog sniffed at the waist pouches they were wearing and just sat down (thats how they point you out so if you come off of an Air Jamaica and you see a dog on a leash, and it looks like it wants to sit down, you just kick it in it's butt. Yes sir, play keep up with it's butt. Thats my advice). I guess you could say the dog 'fingered' them.heh heh heh

They didn't look worried as much as inconvenienced though, so my wife was assuming that they probably were walking around down in Jamaica with some spliffs (marijuana cigarettes) in their pouches, and the dog was smelling the residue. Anyway, my son loved the sniffer dog. "Can I touch him?"

I'm so proud... wrote up my first posting for the essays section of the site... check it out
Later, y'all.


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