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Thursday, 2001/11/08 11:02:42PM - [Link Back]

Hey, did I tell you I was a bit of a tree hugger? Yeah, I am. They be good. I say "a bit of" because I've never planted one, or even tended one, but I like to look at them. Above is one of my favourites, which is near my house. Unfortunately some assholes have junked some cars underneath it but... Hey, if we had better environmental practices here, maybe we'd be laughing at Hurricane Michele now. Anyway, I said it first ,(nyah, nyah nyah nyah nyah!!!) albeit not so eloquently as this gentleman (or maybe lady, who knows) whose letter I read today. Have a look. Its nice to see others agree with you... Perhaps I could contact this person, maybe we could come up with some plans to stop these environmental nightmares occurring in Jamaica. Hmmm...

In other news, I've been doing some more surfing to take a look at (to paraphrase Redhair (from that other blog I told you about, just scroll down the page)) "all that is Bloggity". Take a look at "bad in a good way". L8r...

Tuesday, 2001/11/06 11:30:14PM - [Link Back]
"I got 'ho's! In different area codes...". Jay Z sings it. There he is to the right. I kind of like the song, it sounds good. I'm not sure I love his choice of words though... Y'all tell me, what does he mean by "ho's"? I am not an American black male, so I am not sure. Is he saying he's got real whores, i.e. he is a pimp, or is it just a slang word for any female, and not just a "working" girl?

I've assumed its a slang, because having real whores isn't really something to brag about... Anybody with a little "cash money" can have them . I don't particularly like that slang either. Look at the idea though. Lets call it the Player Mentality. So many songs have been sung which are based on the same theme... Here, its a favourite theme of many Jamaican DJs. Two that come to mind are Beenie Man with "Ole Dawg like me" and Shaggy with "It wasn't me". Both songs were about men with a Player Mentality and both were big hits, and I believe that part of the reason why they were so big was the lyrics. Even the women liked these songs.

Women have always said that men are dogs. Normally, men would deny it, but here are these two entertainers who are glorying in the fact that they are adept "Players", and the public at large endorses this by voting with their cash and making the songs become big hits. Hey, I believe that large numbers of the male population can empathise with these lyrics. They either are, or want to be players. Players command respect. I believe that a high percentage of men subscribe to the player mentality.

With regard to Jamaica, I know that these values are part of the Jamaican ethos, and have been for a long time. As Beenie also said, "Man fi have nuff gal, and gal in a bungle" (Men should have lots of women), also another hit. Its part of the culture, baby. I'm not saying all Jamaican men have multiple women, but I suspect that large numbers of them do, and a high percentage of those that don't have multiple women wish that they did. And, being cultural, its not going to change that easily. Hey, some women are lucky, and they will find what women consider to be "good" men, but for the most part, y'all gotta makes your choice and then takes your chances...

Monday, 2001/11/05 10:49:28 PM - [Link Back]
No, the hurricane didn't spirit me away, flood me out or any other such thing... But it has mashed up (destroyed) a lot of stuff, trust me. Well, when I asked for rain on the site, I seem to have been answered in spades. Seems that website requests are more specially favored. (sotto voche) Just in case... Lord, there are these numbers that keep flashing in my head... 4,17,23,28,31,36... (Hey, if any of you use my numbers and win something, MI WAAN HALF!!! ( I want half, or at least my fair share!)) Lord, I have never won the Lotto... I AM your humble servant... Please, do the honours nuh (please)... You know I will do good things with the money.

Anyway, I went surfing today, decided I would look at interesting Blogs... (no, not my own for a change) . Guess what I found. redhair.blogspot.com, a site I enjoyed... The redhair site also pointed me to Unemployed Theo, a very funny site, which unfortunately is graphics intensive, and will best be enjoyed by people with DSL and "such de like" (such things)... Seven and Midas, a you dat (this ones for you)! Check 'em out, y'all... More anon.

Sunday, 2001/11/04 09:25:44 AM - [Link Back]
Rain. Again. Hurricane Michele is in the area... No sign of a let up. Bummer.

Saturday, 2001/11/03 10:28:45 PM - [Link Back]
How far would the human race have progressed if they didn't have opposable thumbs? Yes man, opposable thumbs. You know, you have four fingers and a thumb, and the thumb is opposed to the fingers, or sort of facing a different direction. This is what allows you to grip things, and to use tools, and to do all manner of things. Monkeys and apes have opposable thumbs too, but they don't have our brain size, so the brain is important too, but if we didn't have opposable thumbs, we may well not have gotten anywhere near where we are now... This is an intriguing topic for me, as I just slammed my thumb in the car door. Mi seh, it hurt, it hurt, it hurt so till! (It hurt a lot!) This temporary loss has hit home this point to me, "bigtime". I think the opposable thumbs played a big part in the human race's progress. What are the thoughts of all y'all on this matter?

I went to Epiphany II Friday night. I had a lot of fun. I walked around chatting to a lot of people I know, as we listened to the music and sipped away at our drinks and watched the more energetic women gyrating and undulating their bodies to the Rockers/reggae beat. "Tease mi, tease mi, tease mi, tease mi, baby, till I lose control, whoa"! The lyrics, the music, the women dancing, the amicable chatter, they all became intertwined and mixed up together to form one powerful potion, and this potion was then quaffed by all. I tell you, the place had a wicked vibe running... as they say on Fame FM, it was "all that". . I had a lot of fun. I went with Dr. D. (Natty stayed home with MB. Jr., my turn next week), who couldn't stay the whole course. I therefore arranged with my cousin who just happened to be there with his daughter, (Jamala) to give me a lift home, and released Dr. D. We left at approximately 4:45 AM, as Jamala seemed to have become embroiled in an altercation with what she described as a burly, brawling, brazen bitch (not exactly her words, except the bitch part) who ended up almost pulling out some of her hair. I missed it, a pity, because I hear cat fights are quite interesting . Anyway, it was around this time that I slammed my thumb in the car door. That was a bummer! It must be payback for my sins. If so, its gotta be payback for Plenty sins, because it hurt like a mothafucker!

Hey, I've added a new essay... Check it out... Anyway, I'm out... Peace!

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