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Saturday, 2001/11/17 09:13:30 AM - [Link Back]
Ok, came across the link below... It tells men how to transition from the "friend" stage to the "sex object" stage in their relationships with women... how to get women to see you as a simple-to-use, easy-to-access tool to satisfy their sexual desires... I know some guys who can use this info, so as a service to all those men out there, here it is : http://www.manslife.com/women/sexobject/home.html
Later, peoples.

Friday, 2001/11/16 08:04:54 PM - [Link Back]
It can be really interesting to people surf. Sometimes you have to gather in a group with other people, and it is often fun to just put your mind in neutral and observe... You can watch the other people in the group, watch their mannerisms and how they interact with each other, and come to conclusions about them. This can be fun whether you know the people well or not. I do it a lot in clubs, for example. I will describe a representative experience for you.

For a good night of people surfing, you go alone to a club, (best you get there early, so that you can pick a good seat from which you can survey most of the club). You purchase a drink and sit at the bar, and try to fade into the background... maybe you put a scowl on your face, so you look unapproachable. Eventually, you will disappear, and the people around you will not notice you. They will begin to act as though you're not there. When that begins to happen, you know the show has begun.

You watch closely. Observe intently. You will be able to tell many things about the people you are watching, like which women think they are hot, and which feel uncomfortable, because they've put on weight, or they don't like how their outfit looks, or they don't like how they look. You'll see the man plying the young woman with alcohol, as he hopes to score later. You will see when the hookers arrive. You'll see who pays them attention. They will survey the room, momentarily they will be interested in you, thinking you might be their meal ticket tonight. Don't move, they'll soon lose interest. You'll notice the couple in the corner. The girl looks like she is in love but the guy looks like he's cruising the other women in the club, like he's bored with her... He's watching the other ladies in the club, hungrily, practically drooling. Oops, his woman notices his wandering eyes. They begin to argue, even though they are pretending not to. The argument gets a bit more strident... Oh, they're taking it outside. They might just as easily have really had it out right there in the club, you've seen that too. Ok, there goes that gentleman whos been drinking a lot, most likely to build up his courage for this moment. He approaches and strikes up a conversation with the hookers... oh look, hes dancing with one of them...

And this is what happens throughout the night. A friend of mine pulled a new one on me recently, he peoplesurfed a manager's meeting. He watched all the other managers in attendance and then placed them into categories. I basically agreed with the way he categorised them. There were those who felt they were better suited to lead the group than the leader. There were those who sought to prove they were ultra smart and way cool! Yet others were there simply to endure. They really didn't want to be there, but had to be. Some were concerned with survival, justifying every decision and cost incurred. Yes, when he was done, they were all pigeonholed. I've never done an meeting at the office before, at least not so I'd remember. I've never even thought of it. Let me tell you though, try people surfing. It's really fun!

Wednesday, 2001/11/14 09:34:06 PM - [Link Back]
Well the Reggae Boyz bowed out of the World Cup competition last Sunday. They went down fighting, with their heads held high, beaten by Costa Rica 1 - nil in the "Office" (The National Stadium in Jamaica). To the left is a picture of Andy Williams, who I pick as the Jamaican MVP for that match. Big up! Andy... The Boyz put on a scintillating display of skills, such as dribbling, passing the ball around, and ball handling, failing only in the shooting effort ( As per normal, sadly! )

It must be noted that Costa Rica didn't need to win the match, and this may well have affected how they too played the game. Still, the Boyz didn't "need to win" either, but they put up a hell of a fight. If Costa Rica needed the win, who knows how that might have affected the way they played. (* shrug *) Guess we'll never know.

Still, it was refreshing to see the Boyz carry the fight to the Costa Ricans... I'm sorry they didn't score! The way they played reminds me of some poetry by Claude McKay called "If We Must Die...".
There it is below.

If we must die--let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursed lot.
If we must die--oh, let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
Oh, Kinsmen! We must meet the common foe;
Though far outnumbered, let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one deathblow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we'll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!

Claude McKay (1890 - 1948)

Sounds like the Reggae Boyz to me!

Tuesday, 2001/11/13 09:42:03 PM - [Link Back]
You know, when I first started this weblog, I did it simply because I wanted to put up a web page... I wanted to have a presence online, a site I could point to and say "I built that site." It was to serve as the first of a portfolio of sites and was really part of my marketing strategy, used to market myself as a web developer. I have put up other web pages and sites but they are all on the Intranet at work, and I wanted something out on the Internet, which I could show to anyone.

I agonised long and hard over what kind of page to put up. I wanted a site with dynamic, changing content, not the boring static content which is prevalent on so many personal webpages. I couldn't think of any kind of content that sounded right, until one day when reading an article in Webtechniques Magazine about weblogs. Actually, I thought it was a stupid idea at first, but then I went out to look at a couple on the web and I came across the SlutBlog, which I loved. The rest, as they say, is history! Now I have up a webpage with dynamic content. Instead of a boring static homepage, I have a boring, dynamic weblog .

What has surprised me though is how much I enjoy the website. I love to write up my daily log item. Normally, my friends and family say I am very uncommunicative, but I'm not really. I am misunderstood. I like talking about things, but I don't like repeating myself. I have heard people telling others about some event and they tell the same story over and over, word for word, and I always thought that doing that would annoy the crap out of me! After I have told one person something, its the devil to get me to repeat it. If you happened to be there when I discussed it first, fine, but if not, you'd probably think I was a bit taciturn.

Thats one of the things I like about my Blog. Now I write out my thoughts, whats happening with me, and how I feel about all kinds of issues, and when anyone wants to discuss anything with me, I can just direct them to the Blog. How efficient!

There are a few problems with this approach though. A lot of my family and friends know about my site, and so I am constrained. I have looked at other blogs and their content. I know that some members of my family and/or friends would have problems with what I was saying if I were to write articles or logs which had the same style or content as some of those I have come across. Hell, sometimes I get cussed out for the simple things I write now, much less content like the Slut's. I am under censorship, even if it is self-imposed. I say it is self-imposed because I was the one who told them about my site, because I wanted people to look at it and tell me what they thought... Anyway, I can still have fun with the Blog... C'est la vie!

Monday, 2001/11/12 11:49:18 PM - [Link Back]
Take my stupid advice, if you do a tarot reading, have it done in privacy. If other people are around, they will eavesdrop, because they all want to know what doesn't concern them. Also, if others are there, it might well affect the Tarot Reader, who may downplay issues that potentially may embarass you if others are there, or they might just tell you something you'd rather have kept private, and everybody who is there now knows your business.

I had a reading done yesterday, and some people "faas up themselves" (were unduly inquisitive, let us say). I think that both things mentioned above occurred. The most interesting predictions were that I would be getting a job offer from an influential or powerful Arian man, that a Cancer woman was going to tell me that she loved me, and that a Gemini family member wasn't doing something she should, and if she continued in this vein, pain and sorrow would result. All Gemini family members take note! I have enough things to worry about, so stop forming the fool and do what you're supposed to, okay...

The most interesting thing to me was the job offer, it really sounded interesting, but the one Natty found interesting was the woman who loved me. "Who is this woman? You too lie, mon!" (you're prone to fibbing) "You know is who!" (you know who it is). Remember how I said you should do the reading in private?

I forget which DJ it was, but one of them had a very popular song out called Bike Back. It went "What a beautiful sight I man love to watch, I love to see the girl dem on the bike back". This morning on my way to work, I was confronted with a pretty, very shapely, scantily clad, very, very shapely young lady perched upon the back of an almost as pretty Ninja bike... What a beautiful sight indeed! The sight of her was enough to make old men have dreams and young men see visions! Respect to the girl on the bike back, you woke up all the men sleep-driving in the bumper-to-bumper rat-race they call the morning traffic as they made their way to work. On behalf of the male working population of New Kingston, a heart-felt thanks!

Sunday, 2001/11/11 05:25:20 AM - [Link Back]
The ego of the human male is fragile indeed! We went to Natty's uncle's funeral yesterday. I wasn't that close to her Uncle Mark, but I was asked to be a pall bearer and an usher at the funeral. Mark's wife had asked that six of his younger relatives (his son, his nephews and a nephew-in-law (moi)) carry the coffin to the altar, and that his brother, brothers-in-law, and friends (the older set of relatives) carry the coffin back down the aisle to the hearse. She then asked one of the nephews to arrange and coordinate the whole thing.

He decided that the whole thing should be changed up, because all of the older relatives in question had some problem or other, be it back problems, or heart problems, or whatever. He wanted the older set of relatives to carry the coffin up to the altar, as at that time, it was on a platform with wheels, all you had to do was push the coffin up the aisle, a very easy task. The younger men would carry the coffin back down the aisle and down the church steps (at which point the coffin would be supported only by the pallbearers) and into the hearse.

It seems that both versions of the plan were passed on to the older set of pall bearers, I guess, because when I got to the church, the plan had been changed again. The ego is a fragile thing, as I said earlier, and I guess the older pall bearers felt slighted by the young man's suggestion (it seems they heard the reason for the young mans adjustment to the plan), however well intentioned. They seemed to have insisted on carrying the coffin back down the aisle! The young nephew attempted to accomodate them... he decided that the younger contingent would carry the coffin to the altar, and the older contingent would carry it back to the church door, at which time the younger contingent would take over and bear the coffin down the church steps and into the hearse.

But the best laid plans of men have a way of becoming unravelled, don't they? The older contingent brought the coffin down the aisle to the church door as planned, but only two of them relinquished their hold on the coffin there. The younger fellows came forward as planned and also laid hold of the coffin. One of the two older gentlemen who had stepped aside changed his mind as soon as he noticed that his brothers were still holding unto the coffin, and so fully eleven pall bearers bore Mark's body into the hearse. It would have been twelve, but there was absolutely no room for me to grab a hold of the coffin Well, goodbye Uncle Mark. We'll see you again on the other side, dude. Safe travel.

Incidentally, the funeral was at the Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Liguanea, where Natty and I got married, way back in 1995, February 18, 1995 to be exact. When we got married there, Monsignor Mock Yen had told us that he had married many couples but he didn't have any pictures of the couples he had married. At our reception, we took a picture with him, and told him we'd give him a copy, but neither of us had been back since. Natty remembered though, and we took the picture, as well as one of MB. Jr. and gave it to him. I think he was touched (sniff, sniff). He asked where we attended church now, to which I evasively responded "When we go, we go to Stella Maris, as its just up the road from us." I should just have given him the link to my webpage concerning my relationship with the church... Next time.

People really are different aren't they? Imagine you have a son who plays a sport really well. In fact, he has played for Jamaica in under twelve tournaments, here and in Miami, and aquitted himself well in both, but you stop him from playing the sport because its taking too much out of you to take him to training? Hmmm...

Saturday, 2001/11/10 09:45:21 AM - [Link Back]
The weekend is upon us again. God is indeed gracious. Now if we could just extend the weekend by one day...

Hey, I didn't tell y'all about my l'il trip to Mandeville, did I? Yes, I went to Mandeville on Wednesday. It was a nice change from the work week routine. I got up at about 5:00 AM to pick up the three other members of the team. We were "riding west" to spread the gospel of the new CIS Software upgrade to the "heathen" . You know, humans resist change, unless they are involved in effecting it. This was an attempt at change management, to get the users to buy in to this new change.

We had an interesting drive down. We got stuck behind trailer trucks at all the most difficult points on the road, so we got to observe the pluck/craziness of the taxi drivers who ply that route. They overtook around corners, over the brow of the hill, etc. No wonder Jamaica's road accident count is so high... As a people, we are too impatient, mon!

Anyway, we got to Mandeville with time to spare, so we ate breakfast at McDonald's. We then searched for the Mandeville Hotel, which we had booked as the venue for the presentation. Three of us presented, and it went very well. I was very happy with my presentation. You know, I believe I enjoy getting up and talking to crowds of people, as long as I am prepared and know what I'm talking about. In fact, if I've been drinking, I don't even have to know much about the subject! The Mandeville Hotel set up for us very well, everything worked for us first time, unlike what I've observed at much bigger venues here in Kingston. If you ever have to do presentations in Mandeville, consider the Mandeville Hotel as a possible venue... We lunched at the New International Chinese Restaurant. We didn't see even one chinese person there, but maybe the chef was chinese, because the food tasted authentic and it was superb. I lunched on Cantonese Style Lobster and Shrimp. My company footed the bill, of course. We had an uneventful drive back, and I got home at about eight, after dropping everyone off.

Friday night, we went to Sheggy's to play Kaluki. We got there early, and so had to wait for the others to arrive. Not to worry, we sat there sippin' and chillin', listening to some hip hop on the stereo. MB. Jr. entertained, as he danced along to the likes of Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keyes and Missy Elliot. He has always loved music. I am surprised at how much he is into it at such a young age. (he is almost two now) His favourites currently are "Pizza, Pizza, I love Pizza" from his Barney tape, and "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliot, so Big Up! for Missy... You know you're really big when you're rivalling Barney, baby... You go, girl!

Anyway, everyone finally arrived and we began to play Kaluki in earnest! I was doing pretty badly, and rapidly assumed last position and so was not too pleased. However, by the end of the second to last game (3-4-4-4), we discovered that we were missing several cards from the deck! (bummer) Can you imagine... All those hands when I was waiting on cards and they wouldn't come, they were not even in the deck. Grrr! Anyway, we decided that this would have affected everyone equally, so we voted to finish the last game instead of starting over, but we put the missing cards back into the deck. Well, in the last game, I got dealt three jokers, I plucked two from the deck, and I bent the others double! Heh, heh, heh, heh. I moved from last to second in one fell swoop. It doesn't get much better than that, so I'll leave you on that high note.

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