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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts with others. But I also like to hear what others think, and to exchange ideas.

On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received in my guestbook and via e-mail. I've altered the names as I didn't get permission to put them. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the original log entry or essay that inspired the comment. In some cases, I also may also respond to the comments.

Anyway, I include below the emails received thus far... Enjoy!

Wicked Mad Bull! I loved all your pieces in the fortnightly log. I like your sense of humour. It is true that if Jamaica continues the way it is, it will be known as the "the Land" very soon. As for the crime, there seems to be no will, political or otherwise to deal with the crime in the society. There are two things that are needed:

1) A crime fighting plan ( don't know what that is as yet but we may have to contract N.Y. City ex-Mayor Dinkins and outgoing Mayor, Rudy Guiliani to help us design and execute that plan.

2) We need to put more money into the education and health systems so that children in inner city areas can have better access to education. We also need to set up a nutrition programme at school, so that children whose parents cannot afford it can have a meal at school, since this is one of the reasons why some children don't attend school. In addition, the government needs to wipe out corruption from its ranks and pay more attention to improving health care and other social benefits for those who really need it in the society. If there is no corruption, then I am sure a lot of us will be willing to pay more tax $$ because in the long run we will all benefit. More than ever we need to have the will to rid the society of two scourges: poverty and crime.


Hi Kimbia85,
Hey, thanks for your kind words... Also, I just know you're an astute and profoundly wise person... I also noticed that you agreed with much of what I said. Anyway, I took note of your recommendations and I agree with them. Thanks for writing...

Mad Bull

Well, Mad Bull

Its a good thing you have the MadBull's Blog, so that I can hear what's going on with you!!! See what I mean when I say you don't usually talk...(). Have a great day!!!

Love, Nicolaichaicesku (Friend)

Hi Nicolaichaicesku,

Silent, reticent, reserved, taciturn, laconic, secretive, uncommunicative, and tightlipped are words which either have been or might be used to describe Mad Bull, usually by Natty. (Note the use of the third person... All great people are discussed in the third person ). Why is Mad Bull this way? It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that it is for one to discern and truly know the inner workings of the mind of one so great as the Mad Bull ( and that goes for the Mad Bull himself too). Therefore what you say is correct. It is indeed fortunate that the Mad Bull has set up the Blog site. Possibly a large enough archive of his writings may be gathered such that great scholars of the future will be able to analyse him carefully and better be able to understand him. They will then be able to pass on what they learn to others, to the enrichment of all mankind . What I can say about the Mad Bull is that when he is plied with the chemical compound resulting from mixing Appleton Rum with Pepsi or Coke, (preferably also including an appropriate quantity of frosen H2O) the Mad Bull has been known to do an about face, a 180 degree turn, as it were. At such times, one might even describe him as loquacious! (No, the great one is not imbibing at the present moment)

Mad Bull.

(p.s. If one were to count the occurrences of the word "Bull" in the Mad Bull's reply, it might lead one to draw certain conclusions... Such conclusions are unkind, unfounded and would also be mistaken. The above is NOT just a lot of bull!)

Mad Bull,

Excellent essay. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was beginning to think religion was mandatory in Jamaica - it certainly feels that way. I am in broad agreement with your sentiments but may I humbly suggest that while religion gives expression to our morality it doesn't define it. Like you, I had a warm time from the Grandparents over not christening our daughter. For her to go beyond religion and absorb all the very best ideas about morality and life is my greatest ambition for her. There is life after God - and plenty of it. I just pity those who pity me for my atheism.

Yours in solidarity.

M. Rob.

Respec' M. Rob,

Thanks for the thoughts. Its interesting that you see me as an agnostic. I am not one, but I'll look at it as a warning... I'd better get my l'il ass back to church before I really begin to backslide


Mad Bull


Happy Birthday to your wife.

Thanks for the daily updates - a slice of life in Ja.

I am a Jamaican with a large family in Jamaica - always worried about the life in Ja. Sometimes - those of us in far away lands forget that life is still irie in Jamaica - because we are so fixated on the news - which seem to be an endless litany of woe.


Tawes Pen Dude.

Hi Tawes Pen Dude...

She said thanks, that it was nice of you to wish her happy birthday.
Thanks too for your kind words about the blog.
Yes, we do face a lot of problems, but a lot of good stuff happens here too. I try to highlight both sides. Glad you like it.

See ya
Mad Bull

Hey Madbull,
I LOVE YOUR SITE !! A very clever concept. I get to keep up with what's happening at home and also get an update on you Natty and MB Jr. That's really cool. You write fluidly and you conjure great imageries. (Writing technical specifications can sometimes limit your ability to put your literary skills on its best display)

I enjoyed reading your article on Grants Pen. You know Old Church Road is it's back yard - you bet I know what you're talking about !!! . By the way in that essay you started writing the website for the Gleaner but it seemed you went to check it and got "sidetracked by life :-)" - it's jamaicagleaner.com.

Please pass on my belated birthday wishes to Natty for me. I didn't see how I could mail her from your contact - don't know if it was your oversight or if I'm just plain dumb. You are such a pig head, what do you mean by that guy's opinion (at Natty's party ) was wrong - it's his opinion !!! It's no wonder you had a huge argument. By the way where are you located physically these days. Do you still get a chance to get into arguments with T.....

Is your zodiac sign Taurus by any chance? Do an extra lap for me later at Officers Club (even if you feel you're going in circles - at least you won't have to worry about being raped - can't tell you why I always feel that way about the dam).
Nuff luv, Sylvia123.

Hi Sylvia123,
Long time... Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words.
No, I'm not Taurus. I am Pisces...
I forwarded your email to Natty, she'll be glad to hear from you too.
Re the guy's opinion, thats not why we argued. We argued because he was attempting to force his opinion upon others. You know, when someone is talking over you when you're trying to respond, and they're all up in your face and pointing in your face too. Trying to intimidate you into agreement. The fact that he was wrong just made it that much more annoying.
I don't think I'll make the Officer's club tonight, but tomorrow I will comply with your wishes...

See ya,
Mad Bull

// I showed Dr. D. the lyrics that were posted by Freak Ho and he said
// that they sounded like they were written by someone who was pathological...

Pathological, eh? I guess you could say that. In my defense, though, isn't love supposed to be scary, at times? :) Not that I actually sent that message to the hubby or anything. I had just spent the better part of an evening trying to articulate how I felt at that moment, being once again seperated from a person who had been a daily part of my life for almost a year, came up with something rather dark and scary, and I had to do *something* with it. So I posted it to my weblog.

I'm glad I did, now, since at least one person enjoyed them. :)


Hi Freakho,

Yup, thats about what I guessed... Don't worry, Dr. D is a little strange himself :-) He and I disagree on many things, we always have. I didn't see anything wrong with it at all. I enjoyed it, and other stuff on your page too... Keep up the good work.

Mad Bull

I loved Dolores Clairborne - I think its Stephen King's best work ever. But Rose Madder - well, I was unable to complete it... Haven't read Insomnia. Let's just say some of his books seem like what a 'high' must be like... Rose Madder was one.

Read Dolores though - its a brilliant book - you can hear her speak through his writing.

Nicolai Chowchesku - [www] Sat, 29 Dec 2001 00:16:29 -0500

Thanx, Nix

Mad Bull