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Links to Interesting Pages

I have decided to highlight some websites that I found interesting.

I go to many sites and from time to time I come across a site that I think is interesting, or innovative or just worthy of note for some reason. As a service to mankindLOL, I have therefore decided to provide information on these sites to you, so that you too can take a look. Let me know what you think. If you have a site you'd like me to look at too, just send me the info. Click here to send me the info...

Blog Sites

Links to Blogs This page is actually in my site. It gives links to other peoples webnlogs. I thought I'd separate them out to help you... If you came to look at my weblog, chances are you'll want to look at other weblogs too. This way, you know where to find them easily

Jamaican Sites

Top 5 Jamaican Websites Reviewer This site reviews Jamaican websites in a variety of categories and rates them. Check it out!
The Portmore Website A community type website for the Portmore area
The August Town Website A community type website for August Town
The Superclubs Website Use this site to plan your vacation to our Fair Isle...
The Miss Jamaica World Website

Miscellaneous Sites

Unemployed Theo A wicked wickedly funny site, so much so that I'm jealous. Check it out!