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All of life is but a play, the individuals within it merely actors... am I right? Heres the deal: there are a few close friends and/or family that probably will get mentioned a lot on this blog... So as to protect the identities of the guilty (or sometimes of the innocent), all the people mentioned will now have aliases... Just so we can keep them straight, I will provide a directory on this page giving the name of the person, and their relationship to "moi"...

ActorsPart played
Mad Bull Yours truly
Natty My wife . We've been married since 1995, but we've been together much longer than that. I started dating her back in 1983, and we've not been apart much since then.
MB Jr. My son, born Dec. 1999.
Sheggy Wife's best friend, who we hang with a lot
Dr. D My best friend, who we also hang with a lot. He also does some blogging. You should go and read his blog, its called The Doctor Is In!
Jay G. One of Natty's brothers, which makes him my brother-in-law. He's the straight up one. WYSIWYG, know what I mean?
M'Buthulezi My eldest sister. She is wonderful and is always a source of great advice.
Piet My second eldest brother. He lives in Florida and unfortunately I don't see too much of him.
Elaine My second eldest sister. Probably the brightest of us all.
formerly known as Roziz
The sister who immediately preceded me. I used to share a bedroom with her and Seven. She is very pretty, and is quite fun-loving. She is married, has three kids, and lives in Canada. I miss her a lot... Recently she has started doing some blogging herself under the name "Ciya" at the Tower of Babel. Go read some of her stuff, nuh?
Seven My father had seven children. I am a Trekkie (of sorts). Eureka! My little sister is my dad's seventh child. Hmmm... methinks I'll call her Seven!
Midas Seven's husband, and amongst the favourite top five of my five brothers-in-law... Hmmm... He really is a Midas, you know, everything he touches does seem to turn to gold... Let me revise that - my favourite brother-in-law!
Diego The more enigmatic of Natty's two brothers... Talk about deep. He's deeeeep, but cool never the -less. I used to call Diego Derek, but I don't like the name Derek, and Diego suits him more. If you're looking up a Derek mentioned in my archives, Diego is the guy you're looking for, ok? Copacetic.
Sai Fyah My nephew... He's pretty cool. Yuh can hang wid him, yuh simi?
Macy Natty's Mom. Quite possibly the coolest mother-in-law that has ever lived...
Sister C. Macy's childhood friend

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