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Saturday, February 09, 2002  
They say "Pride goeth before a fall", but this is ridiculous.You'd think that even rapists would have more sense than this. It seems that a serial rapist was arrested recently. He was caught when the last girl he attacked pretended to be interested in him. She gave him her telephone number. When he called her a week later, she arranged to meet him in Stony Hill Square. She arranged for the police to be there as well and so they nabbed him. But can you imagine how he must've felt like a stud when she asked for his number? He must've been saying "Damn! I'm good!" (lol) Seems he had raped and robbed five other women prior to the last girl. He was sentenced to 37 years at hard labour.. (via the Jamaica Gleaner. It seems that they don't post all their stories to the web, thats why I had to type the salient details of this one in myself)

In other news, seems that "Skill" Cole was offered bail in the amount of J$1.5 million.

Well, so far its been an absolutely glorious day for the beach... I, however, didn't go to the beach (grrr... ). Oh well, whatever. Theres always tomorrow, I guess.
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Hmph... I don't want to make too much about it, but I've been reading quite a few Blogs recently where the authors claim to be athiests. I wonder if they'll stay that way throughout their entire lives, even up to when they're dying, or if they'll bust a prayer when they're looking through death's doorway. It would be interesting if we could somehow be able to see if they all hang tough at that particular point in time, wouldn't it?

Stayed home last night. Theres not much more that can be said about it than that, except that MB. Jr. fell asleep at 6:30PM and woke up near midnight. Natty stayed up with him till 3:00 AM, then I took over until 5:00AM, when he went back to sleep. Its now 9:40AM on Saturday and hes awake again. I wonder if we'll all be able to catch up on our sleep before Monday morning?

He's growing out of all his clothes again, so we're going to go shopping for him again today. Anyway, catch you later...
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Thursday, February 07, 2002  
Well, the Software Upgrade from Hell is officially over . I am glad. Let me tell you, I am going to call the project "Project Murphy" because I have never seen anything follow Murphy's Law so absolutely. The Software package in question runs on HPUX and Windows, and relies on Oracle, C and COBOL. We started out with the wrong versions of everything. We had the wrong versions of the OS, of C and COBOL, and of Oracle. We didn't find out that we had the wrong versions all at once, so there was much stopping and starting. We had problems getting the appropriate software in the timeframe we would have liked. We had tons of deadlines which were all busted. Then when we got the right versions, we had a situation where an older version of a Oracle's Pro COBOL product was installed inadvertently, leading to everything being installed but the COBOL programs delivered with the software. These wouldn't compile... until today. Today we resolved the last niggling problems. I must celebrate this weekend!
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Uhoh... Heard on the radio that retired national footballer Allan "Skill" Cole has been arrested along with a number of other men for possession of and intent to distribute ganja (marijuana). The police found 300 Lbs. of ganja in his home. As a rastafarian, he wouldn't believe that use of the "weed of wisdom" should be illegal so he probably doesn't view it as being immoral to sell the drug either. Still, its rough to have to serve time at 52. I wonder how his case will work out?

I am somewhat ambivalent to the drug being illegal myself. I believe it does have the potential to be harmful, but I am not sure that it harms everyone who uses it. Maybe some people use it too much, I don't know. I guess its like alcohol in that regard, and that isn't illegal here. Many people are negatively affected by alcohol abuse too, you only have to ask battered wives or relatives of people who died or were injured in alcohol caused accidents. At the same time though, ganja is illegal, and no one has to deal in ganja, even if he or she uses it. He obviously was motivated by the desire for lots of "cash money", you know what I mean. I wonder how he'll fare out?
In the same news report, they mentioned a boy who went into someone's house and took up a knife and wounded a lady and killed a man who lived there. They also noted that he had been smoking ganja at the time... Hmmmm...
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Wednesday, February 06, 2002  

Today is the 57th birthday of the King of Reggae Music: Bob Marley. Bob was one of Jamaica's greatest ambassadors. In the past, many, many people came to know about Jamaica through him... You can all read up on him by clicking that link above. As usual, the media in Jamaica devoted a lot of time to him today, playing his music. I didn't get to listen to much of it, but what I did, I appreciated. I've been trying to decide which of his songs is my favourite, but that is a difficult task. Theres so much to like. I'll choose my top three instead. "No Woman Nuh Cry", "Three Little Birds", and "Natural Mystic". I think. If I spent longer to think about it, or on another day, I might select a couple of different ones. You know, now that I think of it, I think my favourite may well be "No Woman Nuh Cry". Hey, feel free to blog back. Tell me your favourite Bob Marley song.
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Well, as y'all can see, I started using the Blogger tool on my weblog, but don't for one second think that I'd decided to forget about Grey Matter. Today I looked further into Grey Matter and I've decided that may well be the next step for my Blog. It is absolutely fascinating. There is lots and lots of power there. I think it deserves two thumbs up!!!

Blogger is nice too, but there are a few problems. If I try to write my blog entry in the Blogger window and its a bit long, Blogger seems to time out. This has caused me to have to retype a rather long entry once. Also, I've heard of people occasionally losing their archives. Apparently you can get them back, but if theres a solution which doesn't have these problems, then it'd be preferred. Grey Matter doesn't seem to have these problems. The major problem I have with moving to Grey Matter is that Tripod has a strange setup for CGI, and I haven't figured it out fully yet. I'll have to devote a block of time to figure it out or find a free site with a more orthodox approach to CGI implementation. I'd really prefer not to have my url change though...
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Tuesday, February 05, 2002  
You know, Natty is always cussing about Jamaican men and their proclivity to go to GoGo clubs and strip joints, but I have always felt that the Jamaican women, given the opportunity, would do exactly the same thing...

And then there was Romeo! Described by Bodacious, who handled emcee duties for most of the night, as "six(ft)five (inches) and 250 pounds of pure muscle". He disrobed from a white floor-length jacket into a tiger print jumpsuit that revealed as much as it concealed. Even that soon became a fleeitng memory. The appreciation shown by the ladies for his tremendous assets were defeaning. They increased when he displayed the flexibility, and size, of his tongue. Make no mistake they were no objectors to oral sex present. In fact, any display or mimicry of the act caused an instant eruption from the assembled audience. The ladies showed their appreciation, with many bills, for the Ohio-born dancer when he did his rounds at the end of his scintillating performance. - [More?]
Wait! No, Natty, don't beat me... Nooo!!!
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Sometimes I wonder... Ok, tell me your opinion. Basically there are two broad categories of robbery, right? You have one category ranging from armed robbery to pick pockets, then you have another category involving fraud, which we sometimes refer to as white collar crime. But they are all wrong!

And there is a vast difference in the length of the sentences one can get for the different categories of robbery. For instance, a man can steal J$22,000,000.00 and get only 12 months, and even get out in 8 months for good behavior, while another man can stick you up at gunpoint and steal J$4000.00, and get 8 years... I agree that the introduction of the gun makes the crime more punishment worthy, but I also think that the difference between the sentences is far too small. What do you think?

This is how we treat big thieves in Jamaica. Last night I turned on Television Jamaica. They had on a call in show on sports, and they had as one of the moderators a man who had just come out of prison recently. He stole more than J$20 million from the company where he worked. For this he got sentenced to 18 months and I am certain he hasn't served it all. He hasn't made any form of restitution to the company, in fact I believe they are seeking to file a civil suit against him to recover the money.... And he is a moderator on a program for a local television. I know he served the time for the crime, but... is this right? I think that treating "old thief" as though they are normal upright productive citizens will serve to increase the numbers of "old theif" in the society. What do you think?
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Monday, February 04, 2002  

This is related to the previous post. Natty was telling me that she was working with one of her clients, and her daughter was there too. The radio was on, and they began to play the Bee Gees singing Emotion. The daughter asked "Who's that on the radio, and her mother replied "Thats the Bee Gees, honey." Her daughter then said (quite indignantly too) "They'e sung over Destiny's Child's song!". The mother answered "No, man that is their song!". Natty had to tell her that Destiny's Child had rereleased the song too. Talk about a gender gap! Still, Beyonce is rather phat, you know... I can see why she was on that list of the 25 Sexiest Women in Entertainment!

I'll wager a pretty penny that President Bush didn't suspect how many people he would offend when he named Iran, Irac and Korea to the "axis of evil". Some of them formed the "axis of 'Even More Evil." This last is courtesy of One Point Zero...
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Hey! Natty won US$625 on the slot machines... Now I can pay my I.S.P. bill ! Anyway, check out the following quotes. I saw them when I logged into AOL IM today... I'll put the quotes first, then my response.

"The entire sexy thing eludes me. God, I have no idea, no idea why people think that! How could I possibly know? Its just so not me..."
Richard Gere, on his looks, Biography Magazine.

Yeah, right!
Mad Bull, Mad Bull's Blog.

"I have always liked British boys, and having spent time in England, I like them more, even though they may have hacked up teeth."
Gwynneth Paltrow, Ananova.com

Hey Gwynneth, come to Jamaica. Even if you end up not liking Jamaican boys, I'm sure we would like you! And guess what, the vast majority of Jamaican boys don't have hacked up teeth.
Mad Bull, Mad Bull's Blog.

"What I want to do is deepen everything I do. My dream is for everyone to become vegetarian, so there won't be anymore suffering."
Alicia Silverstone, Toronto Sun

Huh?!? She must have been to Jamaica! Hey Alicia, what the hell are you on, girl?
Mad Bull, Mad Bull's Blog

You know, sometimes someone writes how they feel about something and you know exactly how they feel. By gosh, thats exactly how you feel quite often... Check out Sekimori... Anybody got any chocolate? Peace.
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Sunday, February 03, 2002  
Whoo hoo hoo! GO PATRIOTS!!! I love it when the underdogs win (except when the team I support is not the underdogs). The Pats played a fantabulous game today... Congrats to them. What a game! (fade in party music, noise, etc...)
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Ok, guess what I did last night? Give up? I went back to Guilt Trip! Read more about Guilt Trip here. I didn't go there to eat this time, but to play Kalooki... Yeah, the owner and some of his friends play there after hours on the weekends. Unfortunately, I came second to last again to rass! (Some might say "as usual!" Sigh...) but it was still fun.

I heard that its "Superbowl Sunday" today. I think I'll watch the game, even though I haven't watched a game all season. Don't get me wrong, I like American Football. I think its a marvelous game, full of planning and strategising, kind of like a mock war. It can be interesting, but my major problem with it is the time it takes. A one hour game taking three hours, and then there are so many of them. No sah, not me, I don't watch the games because my time is far too important. But I can afford three hours on one day for the penultimate match, one that
theoretically should be the best match of the season, as both teams had to go through rigorous tests to get there. (Yeah, I know that in reality, they often are nowhere near the best match of the season, I said "theoretically", didn't I...). So yeah, I think I'll watch the game later, and for those of you who will be doing the same, I hope the team you favor wins. (sotto voche: who's playing anyway?).

Apart from the card games and the football game, I have been having a quiet weekend dodging the paparazzi. I need to do something a bit more exciting soon. Any suggestions? Feel free to email me until I set up back my comments. Later, baybees!
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