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Saturday, February 16, 2002  
Elephant Man
Red Bones was a bit of a disappointment for me. I had heard that the "beautiful" people gathered there for drinks and a good lime on a Friday night. Natty had been twice. Though she had said it was boring, I wanted to check it out for myself, as she often thinks that those "cocktailsy, chit-chat" types of gatherings are boring, and I don't necessarily agree. I find that it can be interesting to "peoplesurf", especially when the people you're studying really are beautiful. I therefore "girded my loins" and went forth. Alas, there was a severe shortage of beautiful people. Indeed, there was a shortage of any type of people. Red Bones is a pretty place and it could have been nice, but... Someone there suggested that the problem last night was that all the "beautiful people" had gone to the Mas Camp at Oxford Road. Bummer. I guess thats where I'll go next.

This afternoon, Natty went to the have fun at the slot machines, so Dr. D., Sister C. and I went to the pool bar at the Jamaica Hilton. We had a few as we sat around chatting. Normally, Dr. D. and I would go alone, but I'm glad Sister C. came along. She is fun, full of life and very entertaining to talk to. She really made it a good lime. Thanks, Sister C. A good time was had by all.

Heard that Junior Gong's song "Still Searching" is number one on the local charts. Nellie Fuertado is in the second spot with that song about "Turn Off the Lights", and while he's not at number one, Elephant Man has about three songs on the Top 10 chart, one of which is about September 11 ("The Bombing"), and another being "Logon".
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You know, I've been thinking about it and I've decided. I've been going to certain blogs daily to read what they've posted, because they are interesting, but I've found that it can be a bit annoying when they only post one time for the day. I find its much more fun to read several posts at a time rather than just one, especially when that one entry is really short. Its kind of like a prizefight that ends by way of knockout in the first round. Its just disturbing... so I've decided to visit most blogs I like every few days instead of every day... Thats my view on it. Of course, if you visit my blog every day, I encourage you to continue to do so. I tolerate people with viewpoints different from my own very well.
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Friday, February 15, 2002  
I was touring through Random Blog Quotes and I came across this guy who was cussing out Nestle, and when I thought about it I totally agree with him! I remember when I was little I used to love condensed milk. It was creamy, thick and sweet, and I used to eat it on bread, preferably nice soft hard dough bread. It was "da bomb!!" Nowadays, Nestle has basically destroyed this product. It can only be used to sweeten coffee, tea or some such thing, and personally, I don't even use it for that. I think it tastes awful now. From what Lisel is saying, this is a problem with many of their products...
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Ok, I know I said some time ago that I didn't think much about online quizzes, and that I wasn't going to do anymore, but this one sounded interesting so I did it, the result is below

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

A sex-crazed nympho, eh. Counselling required. Now where have I heard that before?
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Thursday, February 14, 2002  
Mb Jr. definitely knows when its a sport on the TV. He actually can recognise some sports, and knows them by name. He knows Basketball, Cricket, American Football. You can even tell which ones he prefers. He really loves ice skating. What he has to work on is getting the cheering right. He is up to his grandparents a lot and his grandpa loves American Football so he is subjected to that a lot, and I guess it shows... he thinks that the cheering for American Football is appropriate for all occasions. He was just sitting here watching the Winter Olympics. They have on figure skating, which is some of the most artistic, graceful peaceful stuff you ever saw. One guy does a particularly graceful pirouette and MB. Jr. shrieks his approval: "Kill him!"... Hmmm. I guess he'll get it right in time.

And this one, this ones right out of "Kids do say the darndest things!". I tell you, he is two going on sixty two. Today was MB. Jr.'s cousin's birthday (does that make him a love child or what?) so MB. Jr. went to his birthday party. I was at work, so his Uncle Diego took him. He put him in the front of the car and Diego was standing up outside of the car talking to MB. Jr. when MB. Jr. says "Uncle Diego, come into the car." So Diego climbs into the car beside him. MB. Jr. then says "Close the door." but its hot, so Diego says "Why?". MB. Jr. repeats : "Close the door." Diego says "Why, MB. Jr.?". So MB. Jr. says "Close the door, Uncle Diego.". Diego relents, closing the door. MB. Jr then says "Good Boy!"...
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Don't you just hate auditors. I mean, next to lawyers, they've got to be the lowest lifeform on the planet. UGH! And then consider the Information Technology auditor. They are the lowest of the low! In my opinion, most of these lowly beings really, really wanted to get into the Information Technology field, but found that they didn't have what it takes to be a programmer. Instead, they beat (study/swot) the theory into their thick skulls until thay can recite it backwards on a Sunday night at 2:00 AM. Then, spiteful failed fucks that they are, they crawl out of whatever piece of dead meat they were inhabiting that day and come to audit you. They poke, search and dig to find whatever tiny deviation from CS101 they can find, and they try to torture you with it. "What development methodology do you use?". "Do you have any form of source code control at all?". "What procedure governs moving a new program into production?". "Do you have a procedure for deciding which forms a user has access to?". Then they've mastered these little grimaces of distaste, of disapproval. When they couldn't do what you're doing even if they had a battalion of other auditors to help them! Disgusting little assholes. And don't you just hate the two most awful questions of all? "Do you have any documentation for that?" and "Can I see the documentation?"... Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!
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So wait? Oonoo never get no flowers? Don't despair, go and check out these flowers put up on the Internet just for you... via Blog Blog Baby. Y'all have a happy Valentine's Day, you hear!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2002  
Its a beautiful day! Its a public holiday here in Jamaica, Ash Wednesday. Tis a great day for the beach. Again, I didn't go. This weekend, I'll have to try to get there. I took some shots with my digital camera and they didn't come out how I exected, so I (finally) decided to read up some stuff from the manual... What a fancy camera!?! It would seem that I ought to have a Ph.D. to operate it... I will have to take my time and go through the manual. For now, I've just set it on continuous auto focus. But this thing can do anything! With little or no knowledge, I've taken some irie shots already. I recommend this camera to all. Its an Olympus Camedia C3040Zoom. Awesome camera, dude! So nice I'm giving it 'two thumbs up!' Click here to read a review of this camera if you want to.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2002  
I went to the Mona Dam to run today. This is my first run of the year, I think, and its also the first in quite a few months. I loved it, I've been missing it. The Dam was full, full, full! (of water). I was surprised, because that damned NWC has started locking off our water again. Just my neighbourhood. Everyone else is getting water. Grrrr! Anyway, it was a nice run, I am going to try to go often. That'll be my Valentine's gift to my love handles...

Saw that the guys from Star Trek: The Next Generation are planning to enter the Olympics to partake in the Bob Sled event. (via Blogatelle) I think thats great, at least the Jamaican Bob Sled Team will have some competition now .
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I used to read John C. Dvorak back when I used to buy PC Magazine, and I always thought of him as being a bit of a twit . Imagine my surprise on reading some of his comments in an article he wrote on Blogs (via Blogger). He noted that many bloggers like to complain a lot, but I always found that he tended to complain a lot too, against big software companies which were doing something he disapproved of. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Anyway, aside from that, it was an ok read. He asked a good question: Why in tarnation do people write Blogs? I'm damned if I know, myself.
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You know, while I was writing up the last post, an old movie was playing on the telly. It was an old movie called "Colors". It's main redeeming feature was that Maria Conchita Alonso was in it. I've always thought she was hot! Take a look at her. Sweet! Wonder what she's up to now. You never hear about her these days...

Now Natty, she was watching CTV. They had on an old documentary about when Alexander Bustamante was leading a march on the Ice Factory downtown. They were interviewing a lot of older people who claimed to have been there. One old man was telling of how the soldiers / policemen tried to stop the march, and were told to fire on the marchers to get them to disperse. Bustamante tore his shirt open and told the soldiers / policemen "Leave these people alone, they're harmless, Shoot me instead" or something of that nature. Marvellous stuff, that. Personally, I believe he well and knew they would not fire upon him.

You think he could try that today? Especially if it were Renato Adams and his Crime Management Unit (CMU) telling them to disperse... Heh Hehhhh! They would never be mad enough to test them. Look at how the CMU treat people who don't obey their every order. Look here too. You know, those murders occurred almost a year ago, but there are still people protesting about it. Its still in the papers, as the inquiry into it started only recently. The bad taste is still in our mouthes... What will come of it? Probably nothing. Things have changed much since Busta's brave stand, let me tell you.
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I just read up on some of the hot fetes going on this year at
Trini Carnival and listen nuh man, mi skin a bun mi! I haven't been to a good fete since Frenchmen, man. I have been promising myself to attend Trini Carnival every year and so far I haven't made it. One more time.. Trini Carnival next year? Yah Mon! I'm going to have to start the planning from now, though... Still, I'm sorry I missed the one this year. Iwer George and Bunji Garlin tied for Soca Monarchs - I need to hear their songs. This Friday, I'm going to try to go to one of the (Jamaican) Carnival Blowout Fetes, hopefully I'll get to hear the new music. Since I was talking about exercise earlier, I'll have to go to Socaerobics. Maybe I'll see you there, huh?
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Monday, February 11, 2002  
Y'all believe in horoscopes? I think they're full of shit myself. Despite that belief, I decided to check out an online one today, and here's the crap they're trying to feed me:

"Stop trying to kick yourself into shape, and indulge your fantasies for a while. If this means eating chocolate in bed and imagining movie stars at a toga party, then go for it!"

Now thats so "un-me" that its funny. if it had said something like :

"Get up off your fat lazy ass and find some strenuous exercise to do. If that involves enrolling at a Gym and doing hours of aerobics and weight training, so be it. Get your flabby butt in shape... NOW!"

then I'd have given it some thought. After all, Carnival is coming...
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Sunday, February 10, 2002  
You know, that N.W.C. has started locking off our water again! And they don't even warn you first!
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Just went to Burger King to buy breakfast and noticed that they're allowing you to buy a "Lord of the Rings" goblet with any purchase of a BK Broiler, or something like that. The goblets are cute, I may buy in. It made me start thinking though. Supposing there really was such a ring with the power to magnify the evil within people, it is interesting to think what kind of transformation different people would undergo. Speaking for myself, I'd probably turn into an evil drug lord, leading a "glittorous" lifestyle. Natty now, I think she'd be able to be a ring bearer, one who could withstand the power of the ring. How do you think it'd affect you. Heres your chance, add a comment, tell me what you think...
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Went to Diego's last night to play Kalooki, and I Won!!! Yessir, I won for the first in quite a while. We played a second game and I came DFL (Dead Fucking Last), also the first in a while, but not such a long while this time . Yeah, it was fun. Phillo and Don made much of it, teasing Jennifer, who I pipped in the penultimate game... Yeah, it was fun. Hope Sheggy gets back from the Air Jamaica Jazz Festival early today, maybe we can organise another game, see if I'm on a winning streak or what.
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