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Saturday, March 02, 2002  
I noticed that the Police Force has gotten two armoured personnel carriers to assist them to go into areas even though they are under fire from the gunmen. These pieces of equipment are definitely necessary, given a number of occurrences here where the police were unable to carry out their duties because the forces of evil had them pinned down under heavy fire... Only I'm wondering... The police went ahead with M16's, the gunmen stepped up too, with M16s, Uzis, Tek Nines, AK47s et al. I've even heard of grenade launchers being brought into play. Now the police have stepped up again, with armoured vehicles. If the gunmen were able to step up before, whats to stop them this time? Maybe they'll bring down bazookas or some kind of missile to allow them to take out the police force's armoured vehicles. Is this the start of our very own arms race? I wonder whether it will lead to an ever escalating attempt to get the upper hand, until eventually small tactical nuclear bombs are brought into play? Actually I'm kidding about it now, but it is a very serious thing.
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Ok, the party at the Oxford Road Mas Camp was not all that. It was quite boring in fact . One of the major irritants was the sand. It was not proper beach sand. It seemed to be sand from a river or something (Illegally mined, I'm sure), and it made it uncomfortable to walk around.

Another irritant was that they were having a "Splash Bash". Apparently this means splashing and sometimes even completely soaking people with water. Recall that I mentioned that they were trying to simulate a beach? They had three small pools, ostensibly so that you could go for a dip if you felt like it. Large numbers of people were using these pools as a store of ammunition, however. They would load up water pistols and cups and even gallon bottles with water, sneak up on some unsuspecting soul or souls and drench them with this water, then race back to the pools for a refill. Unfortunately, many who were in attendance seemed to be below twenty, and they were getting into the splashing activities with much gusto. Finally, the party's vibe was way off. Possibly I just need to get into the new Soca music more...

Also, I didn't get the cellphone I mentioned earlier , sad, isn't it? At least y'all can still get that for me for my birthday tomorrow... Unless you'd already planned to get me either the Lexus or the Bimmer. Peace!
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Friday, March 01, 2002  
I was doing my rounds, you know, checking out my peeps, and I noticed that several of them have little.red.boat linked as one of their favorite reads, so I decided to check that site out. I didn't have time to really go through the site fully (but I'll be back ), just looked at the first page, but I immediately mined gold. This one is from the "Kids do say the Darndest Things" segment. Here, check it out, y'all! If you click on nothing else, click on this, its sure to bring a smile to your face. Selah...
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Thursday, February 28, 2002  
Yeah, yeah, I'm running late. Better late than never, right? (Hmmm, think my boss will buy that one ? Ninguna Manera! I don't think so!) Well, nothing much has happened today. Tomorrow might well be a bit more interesting. Tomorrow, I am supposed to go to the Oxford Road Mas Camp. For me, Carnival begins tomorrow! Incidentally, I was looking through my logs today and I saw a hit from "node6.digiceljamaica.net". It brought to mind the text message I received on my cell phone today from Digicel. Apparently they are setting up a virtual beach at the Mas Camp (a la the Red Stripe Mound, where I go when I want to drink a cricket match, er, sorry, watch a cricket match), so I need to check that out. It might well be interesting, plus they said in their text message that they were giving away prizes... maybe I'll win a Nokia 8210, I've been salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs about that phone. I think it looks sexy. I want one! Anyway, I'll give you the details of this, my first Carnival outing... You'll probably have to wait until Saturday though ...

By the way, did I point out to you that Sunday is my birthday? I didn't, did I? How forgetful of me! Listen, I posted the first item on my wish list recently, and I haven't been able to flesh it out yet. I realise that one or two of you three faithful readers may not be able to afford the gift that I have listed there, but do not let this move you to despair. You may go here to identify a different gift for me. I promise, if you get me this instead, you will remain high in my esteem, love and gratitude. If thats still too much for you, check back Saturday and I'll let you know if I won the Nokia 8210. If not, you can get that for me. I'll appreciate that too... after all, its the thought that counts, in'nit? Bye for now, Baybees...
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Wednesday, February 27, 2002  
Yow, the M.C. dude from the Grammy's sucks, in my opinion. What say you all? Shout me back, let me know... Am I right or is it just me? Anyway, congrats to Jr. Gong on his Grammy! I knew he could do it. Congrats also to Alicia Keys. Hey, India Arie should have won something, you know. What do you think?
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The Skittish Girl asked readers of her Blog what desktop wallpaper they used. After thinking about it for a while, I was able to come up with the following: I went through an extensive period when only naked/partially naked women adorned my desktop. They would usually stay up for long periods of time, as I would find a face, a pose, a figure etc. that I particularly liked, and the only way that would get supplanted is if another shot managed to beat it out in my affections... The ones that stand out in my memory were one of Halle Berry topless, with her arms folded, just barely covering her breasts... (Can ya picture it? ) and there was another of a blonde leaning against a door with her hands behind her back. She was pretty, but what really sold the picture to me was her breasts... Those were the image of perfection... Not too big, not small, and quite pert... You know the type of breast that makes you say to yourself "They look real, but such perfection must be silicone. But they look so real, dammit!, I wonder if they're real? No, they've got to be silicone... But they look so real" etc., etc., over and over.

Then I saw a bit of abstract art drawn by a co-worker. I needed a change from all the nudes, and that was it. It went up for months. After that, I went through scenery pics, mostly from my home, Jamaica. The standout ones I recall here were an aerial shot of the Mona Dam, where I jog from time to time (yes, I do, I know you haven't heard anything about it, but I do. Why, I was there up to yesterday, two laps, or a little over 3 miles, so there), and a shot taken from the hills in Mandeville. This shot was of the countryside, and it was beautiful. Next up was Webshots, mostly pictures of animals, though there was a smattering of dirt bike shots too. My son particularly loved the animal ones. Nowadays, theres nothing there, can you imagine that? I moved to a new laptop, and just haven't gotten around to putting anything up yet, and on my home desktop, I reloaded it with Win2K, and just haven't put back on a screen saver, so yeah, theres nothing up as wallpaper on my machines now... but not for long. Later.
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America should get down off its high horse, I think. Check this out: The U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan reportedly has initiated discussions toward extradition of the guy suspected of killing Pearl. Why?

Now I ask you, where was this crime committed. I am assuming that the Pakistanis have laws against murder.The killing of Daniel Pearl was committed in Pakistan, and therefore was a breach of their law. As such, he should be tried there and be subject to their legal system.

I remember some time ago, three Americans attacked a Jamaican in Florida, in Tampa in fact. They beat him within an inch of his life and then set him afire, and he was lucky to survive the ordeal. Can you imagine Jamaica requesting extradition of the culprits to be tried here? America would view it as ludicrous! And I would agree with them, it was American laws which were transgressed, despite the fact that it was a Jamaican that suffered.

And why should America be treated differently than other nations? Because they are the big bad man around town, and they say that this is how we (the rest of the world) are to treat them. And they use all manner of weapons to ensure that they achieve their own way. They use economic sanctions, they become allies with your enemies and give them weapons and other military assistance, they will even invade your country with their own armed forces (usually under some pretext) and use military might to ensure that they get what they want. Also, they use their vast communications and media machine to influence and shape the thoughts, the desires, the aspirations of most of the rest of the world. They use this tool to try to brainwash everyone that the right way is the American way! Numerous examples exist of them enforcing their own interests exist, even within the Caribbean, for example their forcing nations to sign the Ship Rider Agreement and the blockade against Cuba.

More and more, America is taking on the appearance of the Evil Empire from Star Wars. I think Dubya should go and get fitted for a Darth Vader outfit, to rass! They enforce their will over individual countries who are weaker than they are... But they are pissing off many countries over time and countries have long memories. If they continue along the present paths, maybe one day, we'll witness a similar battle like that between the Evil Empire and the rebels in Star Wars. But this battle would be here on Earth. It would be America against the Rest of the World. I wonder if they don't see that present trends may lead to such a polarisation and to such an epic battle. Or maybe they see it, but continue like this because they think they could win such a war? Hmmm.

Well, they say that a nation that forgets history is doomed to repeat it. History has shown numerous examples of vastly powerful nations being humbled in the past. Examples such as Greece and Rome spring to mind. They would do well to "put that in their pipe and smoke it!" My advice to Dubya and Coolin Powell (and that misspelling is deliberate) and all the other hawks out there is to exercise a little more diplomacy and a little less muscle flexing, lest what they call the "Evil Axis" of three nations begins to grow exponentially. Be careful lest you sow now the seeds of your own "come-uppance"... Nuff said.
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Monday, February 25, 2002  
Speaking of porn, have you ever wondered who the Playboy Playmate of the month was in the year and month you were born? No? Neither have I, but such is the power of Blogging that I won't have to worry about that little piece of info again. If you want to research who was the Playmate that Playboy celebrated your birth with, click here. (Link via Not so [xxcentrik] after all.)

Both Dr. D. and I think that my Playmate rocks... Dr. D.'s Playmate is not so wonderful, however... Bummer, dude.
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Yow yow... Whats up, blog fans? So, what do all y'all think about the American Porn industry? I know many, many men will not have too much of a problem with it. It can be very handy to have around at certain times, know what I mean? Yes, yes, I know many feel that the porn industry is exploiting young women. I even agree with you. I just wonder, if porn wasn't there, wouldn't something else (probably worse) come along to take its place?

The way some people choose to live will lead to their always being a target for exploitation, after all. They don't want to study and work hard to get what they want. If you block that method of exploitation, they'll simply find another. A friend of mine at work said to me that prostitutes are kind of dumb, because they could make so much more, with less work, by swallowing cocaine or inserting it and carrying it across the U.S. border. Now, he was joking, but I think the point is, there are certain people who want quick, ready cash, and who don't really care what they have to do to get it. Some of these people go into the porn industry, some into drug smuggling, some into out and out prostitution, and the list goes on and on, ad infinitum. Get rid of porn, and they'll simply choose another method.

On the funnier side, have you ever taken a look at the names of some of these porn movies? They tend to use the name of a popular movie and change it up, just a little bit . The results can be quite funny. Check out some porn movie names here (via www.hatchetation.com)
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Sunday, February 24, 2002  
I'm currently listening to Pink - "Hazard to Myself"... Its cool! Sometimes its refreshing to hear a song that doesn't have to do with the general theme "boy meets girl, girl loves boy who doesn't know she exists, boy want to have sex with girl"... Sometimes you get the idea theres nothing else, man... Its enough to make you insane. Too much of that stuff and you'll become a hazard to yourself . And it sounds great, too. So yeah, I think that Pink's song is great. What do you think?
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