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Saturday, March 09, 2002  
Dr. D finally got his computer. I went up there this morning and managed to kill two birds with one stone. MB. Jr. went with me and was able to hang out with Suzie, Dr. D's dog, and, judging by the way MB. Jr. goes on, MB. Jr.s best friend, while I was able to get the computer set up. Now I only have to sell him on the idea of doing his own blog! Afterwards, we went to the Terra Nova Hotel's poolside bar where we quaffed food and liquor. A good time was had by all. Tonight is a friend of our's birthday. We're invited around later to eat, drink, and hopefully win at Kalooki. I hope I do better at her birthday bash than I did at mine last week. I came D.F.L. at the Kalooki game at mine
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The Pope needs to stop playing around. Humans (like every other thing on Earth) are sexual beings. It is time for priests to be allowed to marry. See, now a Bishop has resigned because of past molestation of a teenager. Its not natural for people to be celibate. Accept it nuh man!

There are plenty of people out there who would make good priests but who know they can't withstand the needs of the flesh, and so don't offer themselves to the priesthood. Instead, a bunch of people who are trying to hide what they are, indeed, who don't want to accept what they are, become priests, as that is seen as a viable alternative. But the demands of the flesh are stiff indeed and before you know it, braps, see one more teenager molested there.

Come, Mr. Pope, stand up like a man. Be bold enough to go beyond mere tradition! Think out of the box! Carry the Roman Catholic Church into the new Millennium. Cripes, you might even be made into a saint. Do it. Now!
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Friday, March 08, 2002  
Aaachooo! Sniff, sniff. Getting a cold again. I believe I must have had a cold in January, February, and it seems one is coming on again now. What? Where'd I get it? Oh, from MB. Jr. He started pre-school in January and since then he's been bringing home the most horrible little flus, etc. Not that I hold it against him, he can't help it. School is responsible. You know, ever since I was a kid, I sensed it.
School is E V I L!
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The Braeton Coroner's Inquest is finally going on. They sure took long enough. Anyway, a couple of CVM reporters contradicted many of the things said by Claude Mills (for more info on what Calude Mills had to say, click here or click on the Braeton button over to the top right). I was wondering about that, but I also noted that in each case, the reporters admitted to being good friends of Supt. Renato Adams. It has also come to light that there are other falsehoods in the testimony given by Michael Pryce. This leads me to question the veracity of his claims of not hearing any shots coming from inside the house, and of not seeing Claude Mills at the scene, so I have no problems believing what Claude Mills had to say. I don't believe those were justified killings... I feel it was murder! Out and Out Murder!
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Netball is a women's sport which has some points in common with basketball. You have two teams, and the point of the game is to carry the ball close enough to the opposing teams basket so that you can shoot the ball through it. There are many differences as well. The basket in netball doesnt have a backboard or a net. The players cannot dribble. Upon catching the ball, the player is expected to halt immediately. They cannot move while they are holding the ball, and must pass the ball to a team mate in order for the ball to move from the point at which it was caught. There are many similarities and differences between the two games.

So why did I bring it up? The Jamaican Netball team is the number three team in the world. Not only in the Caribbean. Not only in all of the Americas. In the world! And I don't mean "in the world" in the sense that the U.S. often uses the term (I mean, whats up with that?). I mean in the entire planet! And if we are the only planet with living creatures, then they are the third best in the universe...

The Aussies are El Numero Uno! New Zealand are the team in the number two spot. And then theres us. New Zealand was just here playing Jamaica in a three test matches. Unfortunately they beat us 2 games to 1. Netball is a sport which originated in England, then spread beyond its borders. I believe its mainly played in former colonies, countries which are a part of the Commonwealth. Anyway, the question I'd really like to ask is how come England came up with so many games and now everybody is better than them at these sports? Look at football (what the Americans call Soccer)... Look at Rugby, or Hockey, or cricket or boxing... and the list goes on. They originated all these sports and now they are not at the top of any of them. Why is that, I wonder?
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Thursday, March 07, 2002  
Now take a look at this. It gives you a list of saints and what they are a patron saint of. Some of these things are ridiculous. How do they assign a saint to a thing anyway? Do the saints volunteer when they appear to the priests or what? Imagine: the have a saint of AIDS! Of Ammunition Workers! Crazy! (link via Skits) Actually, that Useless Knowledge link looks like it would be useful for Francois from FAME FM, I should pass it on to him. He can use it for his "Francois' Facts and Trivia" segment.
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Wednesday, March 06, 2002  
You know those hipster pants that have come back into fashion? Ladies, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear them. I've been noticing some otherwise irie looking ladies wearing them and they just didn't look right. Its finally struck me as to what was wrong, and so, as a service to mankind, I will give you the Mad Bull's first fashion tip. Yup, for free!

Ok, here goes... When you wear a hipster, you've got to wear a tight blouse that doesnt expose the midriff and is tucked in (thus accentuating your curvaciousness) or you wear a top that bares the midriff. If you go for the bare midriff, then the blouse should expose your waist, preferably from the solar plexus down (also accentuating your curvaciousness). Why? The problem is that usually, the area above the top of the pant is the waist. We men expect that to be smaller than the hip. When the blouse exposes your midriff, if it shows only the area immediately above the top of the hipster pants, well, thats your hip, not your waist! The illusion created is that you have an unusually, er, thick waist, shall we say? I'm sure thats not the picture you wanted to create, now is it?

If you do wear a blouse which stops just above the hipster's top, make sure it hugs your bod, ok. That way, we'll still notice the all-important curves. The picture gives an example of what the blouse should look like on you. Trust me on this one!
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Tuesday, March 05, 2002  
The other day, Dr. D and I had a spirited discussion over the word "detritus". The vowel "i" has two sounds in English: one of them sounds like "eeh" as in "ink", and the other sounds like "eye" as in "Michael". Thus we were pronouncing the word differently. He said it was detreyetus and I felt it was detreetus. Turns out Dr. D was right. previously I had only read the word, but he had heard it from his lecturers often while doing medicine at U.W.I. Anyway, since then dictionary.com has become a good friend.

Now I have been reading up a number of blogs recently whose writers claim to be "pagan". I had a pretty good idea what that meant, but the word was not used as often in my vocabulary as "heathen", and I wondered if there was any difference. I therefore checked out dictionary.com. Guess what the difference is? According to dictionary.com, "Pagan is now more properly applied to rude and uncivilized idolaters, while heathen embraces all who practice idolatry."... I wonder if they knew the difference. And if they read this, will they now want to call themselves "heathen" instead.

Anyway, Dr. D was right, which can be so annoying, as in matters such as these he can be so condescending! Why, its bloody infuriating!
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Just a couple of things... Heres an interesting news item about a girl who wants to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for sleeping with more men than any other woman! Now thats one strange woman! (link via BlogBlogBaby) Also, I went to this really cool site which I want you all to visit. I know I'll be back to it myself. Anyway, she reinforced what I learned when Sheggy's father died. Anyway, read it for yourself. Its the one about letters of condolence...
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I tried setting up Grey Matter on Tripod, but it gave me error messages related to not being able to find carp.pm. I then put carp.pm into the same directory as the script. The contents of @INC was ".", but the script still couldn't find the required file... go figure. If anyone reading this has any ideas why this would be and can suggest a solution, click on the good old "Comments" link below and drop me a line. I would greatly appreciate it.

The Skittish Girl recommends Movable Type really, though she says Grey Matter is also good. Thanks for the suggestion, Skits. I know a fair amount about Grey Matter already, which is why I decided to try it out, but as Skits said, it looks like I will need to get my own domain. Any of you with suggestions for a really good webhost, let me know. Also, any of you using www.powweb.com, let me know what you think about them? Again, just click on the "Comments" link below. See yah!
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Monday, March 04, 2002  
I sense that I will be moving to another blogging tool soon... Blogger gives a lot of trouble.

Anyway, I decided to take the afternoon off to do some things that I've not been getting time to do. I wanted to get a haircut, go to the Electoral Office to investigate getting on the voter's list (if ever there was a time to vote, it is now. As long as I am alive and kicking, I plan to exercise my right, baybee! We need some changes around here!), give out some shoes to be resoled, and pick up the pictures I took when we went to Frenchman's Cove. I'll soon post some of them.

It was great getting out of the office like that though... Its been awhile since I've done anything like that, and it felt glorious! I picked up MB. Jr. from pre school as per usual. Did I mention how much fun it is to pick him up? I'll drive in and park and look for him. He's usually playing on the back verandah, playing with some other kids or driveing a toy car or something, and hes so intent on what hes doing that he doesn't even realise I'm there... Then somehow he looks up, right at me. Its almost as if he sensed I was there, or maybe he's been waiting on me, and so he glances up periodically to see if I'm there, I don't know. When he does see me, its as though a bright light goes on. He flashes a 1000 candlepower smile and starts to jump up and down with excitement, and it just makes you feel so good inside... After that, I got some lunch and went about my errands. After all the errands, I went to the Mona Dam to run. It was a fun day. Thats why I blogged about it, I want to remember it.

I also managed to fix problems that a couple of relatives and in-laws were having with their systems. That was good too. Sometimes people can call you to fix a problem and it can take up a lot of time, and then there are other times when it can go like the wind. Thats what it was like today, so that was cool too.
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Sunday, March 03, 2002  
Monicas on HBO right now, doing a "tell all" interview... So, what do you think about the whole Lewinsky affair? Want my opinion? Sorry, dumb question... If you didn't, you wouldn't be here . Ok, here goes. I think that many Americans are too naive. Yow, Powerful men get pussy... Thats it. Its like a job perk. Don't you think that those job perks are part of the reason that people take on such thankless jobs... I mean, c'mon.

Here in Jamaica, the most revered politicians all are men for whom marriage vows were just words... they didn't mean anything! One of the most revered politicians here actually made it a practice to steal quite a few of his friend's wives. Shit, for most of them, no vow they make means anything. And we know that! Why act like we don't. In fact, when our big politicians don't play around with the ladies, many of us view it as a cause for concern! "Ok, whats wrong with this one now? Damn! I mean! Look at her!" I guess we're realists here... Who in hell believes that any politician just wants to serve?

But what gets to me is the treatment meted out to poor Monica... She was quite young. She had her head turned by the most powerful man in the world... And hes friggin' handsome to boot. Probably 75% of the young women in America would not have been able to resist. But she gets pilloried, almost made to wear the Scarlet Letter... Tch, tch, tch. Poor girl...

Hmmm, I wonder how much she's getting for this interview? How much more is she worth now? Hmmm. Shes looking quite nice from this angle. (money has a way of making you quite attractive, don't you think?)

Let me tell you, in my opinion, Bill Clinton was, and remains the best president the U.S. has had, when compared with all those presidents I have had the opportunity to observe, which basically is the last four or so. Monica, well, she was just unfortunate... Thats it. Get over it, America.
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Happy Birthday
to me!

Yeah, its my birthday today, feel free to email me, or drop me a line using the comments links below... Later.
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