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Saturday, March 30, 2002  
Today Diego, his buddy from high school, Larry and I went to Lime Cay. We drove out to Port Royal and took a boat over to the Cay. We took the boat from where the old Coal Wharf was, rather than the boat at the Morgans Harbour Hotel. The cost for the return trip was J$300 for adults or about US$6.25.

It was a glorious beach day. Lots of sun, the sea was calm, and the ladies were out to tan, and yes, the eye candy was way above par . The Cay wasn't overcrowded,but there were a fair amount of people there. We had some lovely escovitched fish and jerked chicken, which we washed down with rum, beer or the alcoholic beverage of choice, and we did a fair amount of swimming too. A very nice day.

A new love interest has entered Diego's life, and the young lady's aunts (who are my cousins, by the way) were at the Cay, and were anxious to meet him. He seems to have passed their test. Larry seems to have passed one aunts test too, because it seemed as if my cousin took a liking to him. They were talking politics all afternoon. Anyway, a good time was had by all. One thing puzzles me, however. Why do women wear the skimpiest of bikinis, and then wrap themselves up in a towel everytime they get up to walk along the beach? Can anyone tell me? I mean, wheres the logic in that? Its just disturbing...
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Friday, March 29, 2002  
Today was a good Friday indeed. We played two games of Kalooki. It was a lot of fun. In the first game I was trailing until I was able to bend everyone, forcing them to double their scores. In Kalooki, the lowest amount of points wins, so of course, I was sitting pretty. I used this good position well, as I maintained my good performance and won the first game handily, with Sheggy running in second place.

I wasn't that lucky in the second game at all. In fact, I came DFL (Dead F__king Last). You can't win them all, I guess. What was good was that Natty won that game and Diego ran a comfortable second... Yea, Natty!! Yessir, Good Friday did really good fi true! (Good Friday was really a good day.)
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Today is Good Friday. Today most christians celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ gave His life so that we may have life eternal. Both today and Monday are public holidays here in Jamaica. I've just been hanging out at home all morning, then I went up to Dr. D.'s to set up his PC with an Internet connection. I took MB. Jr. with me so that he could play with Suzie and Friendly, Dr. D's two dogs... After that, I dropped Dr. D to the airport, as he's off to Boston to visit his sister for 10 days... When he gets back, I'm supposed to help him to set up a blog. That should be interesting. Look out for his Blog, because he can certainly come up with some really interesting anecdotes.

So you want to know my plans for the weekend? No? Too bad, I've already decided to tell you all about them! Well later we play Kalooki by Sheggy's (who incidentally has also expressed interest in setting up a Blog), and over the course of the weekend, we plan to visit another beach, which will be the second on my "Beaches in the Country Road Trip Series 2002" tour. Monday there is this BIG Carnival Fete that I might go to. On the horizon is the next big Frenchmen party, "The Afterglow". I know that party is not slated for this weekend, but I can't wait for it! It will factor in this weekend's activities, as I'll be drooling and dreaming of it much of the time this weekend... Anyway, I hope all y'all have a good Friday. Stay tuned to Radio Mad Bull for frequent updates on this weekends happenings as they occur. Peace!
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I don't understand these people! I am watching Maury, he has this show which gives paternity tests for free... Now why would any woman even go on the show to prove that the man in question is the father when she knows that there is the remotest chance he is not? If there is such a chance, don't be cheap! Pay for your own paternity test, find out who the Daddy is, but privately. I mean, its just plain embarrassing...

You think maybe they do it just to get on TV? Have they no shame?
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Thursday, March 28, 2002  
Do you know how it feels when you have an old car, and you've been neglecting it, so that the muffler goes, and the car develops a rough, throaty roar, then the cylinder head gasket goes, and it begins to leak oil all over the engine block? Next it begins to leak coolant, and every now and then it overheats on you, stranding you somewhere until it cools down. Then it starts to leak transmission fluid, and it goes on and on like that, yadda, yadda, yadda. Do you know how that feels? Then one day you get fed up and start to fix the damned thing, whether in spurts, because you can't do it all at once, or maybe you're so fed up, you take on the full expense all at one time. Now the old girl is driving the best she has driven in ages. She feels as close to new as such an old car can feel ? Isn't it a cool feeling?

Then paranoia sets in. You begin to wonder which part will go next. Everythings running ok, but you just know something else is going to break soon. You begin to feel that the old girl is out to get you. All her parts are conspiring with each other. You KNOW they're planning a mutiny, they're planning an all out revolt! Why, you just have to look at the damned car to see that its got insurrection on it's mind. With scenes from the movie Braveheart playing in your mind, (Wasn't that a GREAT movie) you sit with your hands on the steering wheel and you shout "Ok, which part wants a piece of me next? Come on, which one of you is man enough? I can take you! I can! C'mon! I dare you!" Have you ever felt like that?
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Wednesday, March 27, 2002  
Yesterday, I went to Mona Dam to run. Just as I was about to start, the security guard who was sitting nearby exclaimed. I looked over and saw that he was wearing one of those tiny radios with the teeny tiny headphones that fit in your ear. He saw me looking at him, so he decided to tell me what had caused his exclamation... Seems that a seven year old kid was caught with a gun at school. He was acting suspiciously, so they searched him. In his bag, they found a home made gun, capable of only one shot, and they found one live round. Imagine. You have to be careful even with the little kids... Crazy!

Man, I was all set to curse Blogger like a dawg! Then I thought "You know, they have moved us back to the slow internet connection while they do configuration work on the faster link. Maybe I should dial out and try it.". I decided to do so, and guess what? Blogger was working fine! The slow internet connection was the problem all along. Damn!
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I've been a bit snowed under with work recently, so much so that I elected to miss two training opportunities so that I could get some work done instead. A meeting came up that I wanted to dodge too, as it impinged on the day's workplan, but because of the happenings at Enron and Arthur Anderson, I was forced to attend... The meeting sought to ensure that all employees were familiar with the law as it relates to the company's operations, and with company policies and code of ethics.

I was annoyed that I had to attend this meeting, until I thought about all the employees and stockholders of Enron. They lost jobs, or money, or both, sometimes their entire life savings. When I looked at it in that light, I guess the three and a half hour meeting was relatively little for me to endure after all.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2002  
I read with trepidation of a bill being pushed by the entertainment industry which seeks to get a law passed to force all new personal computers and digital home entertainment devices sold in the United States to have government-approved "policeware" built-in. This policeware would restrict your use of copyrighted material on these devices -- including music files and CD's, video clips, DVD's, e-books, and more. Now I download MP3s occasionally, and if this were blocked, I would not worry too much, but the invasion of my privacy is what I am worried about. After this step is taken, who knows what would be next? Go to the site for more info. Fight against policeware!
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I have got to be fair... I said in a previous post that it seemed Farrakhan was here trying to make megabucks. Well, he did have a $5000 a ticket banquet, but he also had a $500 a head affair at the National Arena. In the past, a lot of anti-semitism was attributed to him. It would seem he has altered his world view, so much so that he attended worship at a Jewish synagogue. He has been preaching a message of love, which is very appropriate for this time. So now that his time in Jamaica is drawing to a close, I say "Welcome to Jamaica, Mr. Farrakhan". I wouldn't have attended his $500 a head thing at the Arena either, but for different reasons than last time. I don't attend the events when any religious leaders are brought to Jamaica... (** shrug**). Is jus' so me stay (thats just how I am)
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Monday, March 25, 2002  
I was reading up on Halle Berry's biography which mentioned that she is the child of an African American father and a white mother. They say Halle is African American too, and that got me thinking... She is the product of an African American and a white person, but she is African American? This totally discounts the contribution of her mother's genes to the equation. If I were her mother, I would be annoyed about it. I can't help feeling that that is wrong, somehow.

I am in a similar situation myself... Both white and black blood runs through my veins. Here in Jamaica, I am called white, though I am not, really. In the U.S., people often think that I'm Hispanic. The Cubans in Florida are always making that assumption, and they even get angry with me when I tell them "No habla espanol". White people also make the assumption that I'm a Latino, so much so that on a number of occasions whites have made bigoted remarks about blacks to me.

Its all a pain in the ass, really, but since the reasons behind the categorisations are real, it makes no sense just wishing it away. Since it all can't just be wished away, I'd say we need yet another category, mixed maybe...

Oh, I decided to relent, so there is Denzel, and to those who might be keeping score, now she deh deh (appears on the site) twice!
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Congratulations go out to Halle Berry and Denzel Washington. I see that Halle Berry is the first African American woman to have won an Oscar for best actress. Denzel apparently is only the second African American man to win an award for Best Actor. This is interesting. In my opinion, they have both done exceptionally well over the years, and so I congratulate them both. I haven't seen either of the movies for which they received yet, so I have no basis to judge whether the Motion Picture Academy "did the right thing" in awarding it to them, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt, especially when I consider the quality of their past work. Perhaps you noticed that I only put up Halle's picture. Thats because she's a damned sight more attractive to me than is Denzel. I know many many women might disagree with me, but guess what? This is my blog! If you want to see Denzel, get your own blog. Then you can put up his picture...

Incidentally, this is Halle's first appearance on my blog, but she resided on my Windows Desktop for almost a year... This is in direct contrast to J. Lo. who has appeared on my blog many a time, but who has yet to grace my desktop. Draw from that whatever conclusions you wish, and if they're interesting you can let me know what they are...
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Sunday, March 24, 2002  
Hey, I read a post titled "Love, Lithuanian Style" (posted on Saturday, Mar.23 at wKenShow.com) and I found it interesting. It highlights a website the purpose of which is to allow foreign men to meet, date, and maybe even marry (Yeah, Right!) Russian women. Whenever a country is in a depression, or is down economically, it seems that all kinds of questionable economic activity occurs. Along with all of that, prostitution usually increases as well. People have got to survive, I guess, and the Russians are like everybody else.

Did you know, there is a strip club here in Kingston in which all the exotic dancers are from Russia. They get work permits for a few months, and they come over here and dance in the club. They seem to be doing a rip-roaring business. People always want to try sex with people from different ethnic backgrounds, it seems. Black men want white women, white women want black men (witness the "Rent-a-Dread" profession practiced on our North Coast), white men want Asian women, Japanese men want any kind of women , etc. I guess they're just capitalising on this particular human foible...

I have heard of a couple of men marrying these women, and I know of a man who has a child with one, but I rather suspect that these are a couple of isolated incidents. I believe that for the most part, any "relations" which ensue are financial in nature.

I also recently heard that someone I know of has opened up a brothel. They bring women from Costa Rica, because relatively speaking, they seem to be available for low prices, and since they are fair of skin, they can get top dollar for the Costa Rican women in Jamaica. I guess that in matters of the flesh, like in anything else, Jamaican people are "foreign-minded". "Anything local nuh good!". The clubs specialising in local talent will just have to launch a "Buy Jamaican" campaign, I suppose...
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