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Saturday, April 13, 2002  
Hey, did you know that you're not supposed to use a cellular phone at a gas station? I sure didn't! I'm pretty sure its something that I've done before. Guess I was just lucky... I guess we should all listen when you see signs that you're not to use your cell phone's in certain places too. I guess there may actually be a reason... I used to think that the people who put up the sign just found the phones ringing to be annoying .
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I knew I had good taste! I saw that J-Lo had gotten a do, have you all seen it. An ugly '60's thing. I didn't like it at all! This morning, MB. Jr. woke us up at 4:00AM, and, delirious from lack of sleep, I surfed to that trash magazine, The Star Magazine. I saw a poll there about J-Lo's new do, you can go and vote too. 64% of respondents didn't like her new do either. It feels good to know that I AM NOT ALONE! J-Lo, listen to us for we are Borg. Resistance is futile. Revert to your old hairstyle or be assimilated!
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Friday, April 12, 2002  
Today is Friday (as if ya didn't know it...). There is this website called The Friday Five which asks five questions every Friday, and I've decided to answer today's questions, just so you can get to know me better...

1. Whats your favorite restaurant and why? Actually, I like Guilt Trip (first mentioned here in my blog),and Red Bones, because "di food jus' taas' good!" (the food really tastes great) Also the ambiance is very nice at both places.

2. What fast food restaurant are you partial to? Hmmm, lets see, Island Grill and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I like Domino's Pizza too, but that food is not so fast, know what I mean?

3. What're your standards and rules for tipping? Well, when the bill is large, I calculate 15% and then round it up to the nearest dollar, but when the bill is small, I tip heavily. I don't even calculate the percent. This is usually at bars and places like that, and I've found that you really get great service that way, right Dr. D?

4. Do you usually order an appetiser and/or dessert? Not usually... About the only place that I order dessert is Guilt Trip, because the dessert there is simply stupendous!!!

5. What do you usually order to drink at a restaurant? Thats easy... Appleton Rum and Pepsi! I mean... Is there any other drink?
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One thing I can say about Jamaican people is that they really love one another, and are very thoughtful of their loved ones. How else can you explain the tendency for Jamaicans to "send greetings". Everytime they get an opportunity, they're sending greetings.If they play a sport and they are being interviewed after the game, they're sending greetings. If they call in to a radio program to request a song, they're sending greetings. In fact, anytime a microphone is in front of them, or a camera for that matter, there they go, out with a greeting. "I'd like to send greetings to Miss Maisie from Bull Savannah, and to me cousin dem from Burnt Ground in Hanover, and to all me family in Kingston, Tekisha in Matthews Lane, Saroya and Mas Freddie in Olympic Garden, and to me likkle sistah who live along the Boulevar', one love and what up!". Yeah mon, its a yardie thing.

I heard from Dr. D.'s little sister today. Apparently he turned her on to my blog, and what do you know, Rufie, who hasn't written to me in centuries, managed to put finger to keyboard and type me an e-mail. I was really glad to hear from her. Hey, my blog isn't really a microphone, nor is it a camera, but it is a medium of communicating with others. People do read my site, they really do. You know what? I am going to sieze the opportunity! Rufie will probably think I am a bhutto (in other words, a person who behaves strangely, usually in a manner that will embarrass those who know him) but cho, she is a Jamaican, after all. She will understand.

I'd like to send greetings to Rufie, and to her husband Marc Antony up there in snowy Boston. How you doing, girl? Long time no see. Natty and I miss you plenty. I hope Marc Antony is treating you really well, because if he isn't, I will have to kick his ass with some of that Thai boxing thingie he's always talking about. Actually, I'll have this karate dude that lives in my complex do it for me. Anyway, gotta run. Smooches, talk to you soon.
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Thursday, April 11, 2002  
So I decided to take a little break, right? I decided to take a look at the template files that come with MT 2.0. As I might have mentioned, I got this new domain and I've decided to move my blog there and re-implement it using MT 2.0. I take a look at the template files... WTF! Cascading Style Sheets... Lots and lots of it...

        Oh Goody!!!

Oh well, I've been meaning to plunge headfirst into the world of CSS. I guess theres no time like the present. Guess I'll just have to slog right through it.
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For a long time, I thought I was the only blogger from "Yard". Tonight, I used Google with the following search : +"Jamaica" +"Blog", and was rewarded with Jamaican Jokes. Some of them are quite funny... Give the "Yard man" a check, nuh?

Dr. D. returned from "foreign" on Monday, and he read the blog... He mentioned that he knows of another name we have for the FISO. It is also known as the "Panty Dropper". I really must ask my friend if this is true.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2002  
A friend of mine was telling me that the police stopped him the other day and took him out of the car and physically patted him down to search for weapons. He drives a Ford F-150 or as we in Jamaica call it, the FISO. It seems that the cops feel the FISO is the number one choice vehicle of drug dealers in Ja. As a result, drivers of FISOs are subjected to special treatment by them. Poor guy... I'm certain he had the absolute first F-150 in Jamaica. He ordered his and had to wait on it to be built, because they weren't available for sale yet. As soon as he got it, it was shipped here. Boy, did he start a trend... There are so many of them here now. Now he's being victimised because a lot of undesirable types liked how his truck looked... Bummer.

I heard on the radio today that China singlehandedly doubled the number of state approved executions worldwide in 2001. Amazing, isn't it? I don't know whether they were justified in doing so, but I won't even go there. I am undecided on the death penalty, because it has pros and cons. I mean, the major con is that the person might not be guilty of the crime, but you put them to death. Thats just not nice to think about...

One suggested pro is that these executions might serve as an example and reduce the occurrence of such crimes. People have done studies that suggest that things don't seem to work out like that in reality, but so many studies have been proven to be wrong, then right , and sometimes even wrong again, that I really don't know whats true in this case. Another possible way to see this as a pro is to consider the cost factor. Think about it, keeping criminals in prison is expensive. You have to buy food, they need water, they need shelter, medicine, and other supplies, and then you have to have more security in the prisons. All these warders need to be paid. When someone gets the maximum sentence, its usually because they've committed a particularly hienious crime and in some cases multiple crimes against humanity. Its especially irksome when you see the sick going without drugs and children missing school because there is no money in the government's coffers, yet we're spending big time to keep criminals in prison for life. You might then begin to ask yourself why we should keep them alive?

The problem still is that they might not actually be guilty of the crime... Its a troublesome issue indeed. There are numerous other issues I haven't explored here yet. I'm still undecided. What do you think?
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Tuesday, April 09, 2002  
Sheggy doesn't want to be a guest blogger. Bummer! So I'm forced to tell you about the "Afterglow" party secondhand. Apparently, it was better than the New Year's Day "Frenchmen"party, if that is possible. This one was held on the grounds of the Constant Spring Golf Club, by the 18th hole, right beside the boarding school at the Immaculate Conception High School. I remember when I was in high school, I used go to that fence in the night to rendezvous with some of the boarders who had stolen out of the hostel to have a little fun! Saturday night would have been a bad night for creeping out of the boarding school under cover of night though, because the night was rent by lazer lights, very loud Soca music, and a most noisy group of people who were intent on one thing and one thing only: PARTYING!! They must have had the nuns either dancing the night away, or on their knees all night, praying for the souls of the lost ones out there on the fairway outside their windows.

This party had much in common with the one on New Year's day... It was another all inclusive, with the entrance fee getting you all you could eat and drink, but not just any food or liquor. All top drawer stuff, Jahnny Walker Black and Red Label Scotch, twelve and fifteen year old rum, and the like freely available for your drinking pleasure, and lobster, shrimp, and steak for you to eat. The bars and the areas where food was dispensed were all set up in beautiful white tents surrounding the fairway, while the centre was used for meeting and mingling, and for dancing up a storm. As a different touch, they set up some gold cages and they hired some beautiful, sleek dancers dressed in tiny tops and skin tight pants to dance in them, which served to heighten the excitement. This environment was definitely conducive to partying as can be evidenced by the numbers of ordinary people (many of whom would never normally do this) who climbed into the cages to dance with the pros, regaling the crowd with their skill and prowess.

Liquor flowed freely, as Sheggy told me of a long list of people who were all drunk. She is adamant that it was better than the New Year's party. As for me, I am sorry that Natty and I missed it.
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Monday, April 08, 2002  
I've been under a bit of stress today. I can't stop now to do a full post, but I'll give you a quick update now, ok? If you were looking for info on the "Afterglow" party or on the Carnival Road March, well I haven't been able to post any pictures that I took as yet, or to enter what Sheggy had to say. I will select a few of the pictures and put them up later or tomorrow, and I will put up Sheggy's coverage later as well.

I've managed to get MT 2.0 up on my test box (and it looks pretty damned decent!), now I just have to replicate the environment at my new domain. I plan to build my template on the test box before I post it to the web, but it should soon be up.

Any of you saw John C. Dvorak's latest article on weblogs? It was funny, I thought but I wonder why he keeps writing about something he describes as trash? I mean, if you don't like it, just keep on moving, you know what I mean? Personally, I think he really likes them deep down, but he can't control his sarcastic nature (Actually, I think he sees himself as the"Howard Stern" of Computer Journalism, only I think Howard does a far better job. Not that thats a compliment, Howard, so don't get excited yet). I think that he is fascinated by them, like the moth is to the flame, and he doesn't like that fascination... That plus he's probably gotten a hell of a lot more hits than usual. Anyway, those of you who read here, don't waste time cursing him out. After all, he is entitled to his opinion, right? Don't waste any time on him... Get to blogging!
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Sunday, April 07, 2002  
The big Carnival Road March is today. It starts at 12:00 PM, but I notice that they are setting up already. I saw Bobby Wong of Sparkles Disco gassing up this huge generator on the back of a flatbed trailer this morning. I went on an early morning excursion with MB. Jr. who woke up at the crack of dawn (Grrrrr!!! ).

After leaving Bobby Wong by the gas station at the foot of Mannings Hill Road, we took off on a long drive in the hills. We ended up by Skyline Drive, then we headed back home. Going back home, I noticed that the Sparkles Disco trucks are parked up by Mona Road, right where the Mona Dam is, and the police are getting into position already. Not a reveller in sight though. I guess they are conserving their strength for the long road march ahead. This year, I'm only going to watch them start off. Maybe I'll take a few pictures. I won't follow them this year, I'll watch it on the telly. I don't feel like being pelted by the sun today.
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Well, at least I can say I've never had problems with Gateway Computers... but then, I've never bought any. I am glad that my company went with a different brand of computers... via Les from Blogaholics Anonymous.
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